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      Hello is that you Lou????? welll all the pieces fit!!!!! ;)

      How are you?

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      Hi thanks for the warm welcome. ;)

      I will hold on tight as I'm sure we will be in for a bumpy ride, I'm quite looking forward to it see it as part of the adventure! :o

      I shall let you all know of our progress as we go along!

      Thanks again,

      Lou X

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      Quote Originally Posted by nikkiandlee View Post
      Hello is that you Lou????? welll all the pieces fit!!!!! ;)

      How are you?

      Hi Nikki,
      Yes its me! How did you guess....

      Thought I'd dip my toe in. Its all very nice in here isnt it. See you soon!

      Lou XX

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      Hi Lou,

      Well jordash gave me a clue!!! Oh yea then Lou and Paul gave me the final clues :D!!

      Hope your ok! yes everyone is really friendly and always on hand to offer advice and help wherever possible! Ive learnt loads!!!

      Great BBQ the other weekend :embarrassed:! Speak to you soon.


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      hello lou &paul, welcome aboard!!
      good luck with it all

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      Hi Lou and Paul - welcome and good luck


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      hello lou & paul
      welcome on board this PIA ride to adelaide. be sure to hold tight and ask lots of questions along the way, on this ride you will go through some up's and downs, but mostly ups i think.
      good luck and all the best

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      Hello sorry to bring up my old thread but I wanted to let you all know that we have passed our TRA!!!

      *Somersaults around the thread* Whooooohoooooooo!!!!!

      Ooooooh!!! *Did I put my good knickers on this morning?*

      Anyway I will be popping in more often now, no doubt with hundreds of Questions and probably with some anxiety thrown in as the nerves start to kick in! Not turning back though nooooo sireeeee not now now we've come this far.

      I'm soooooo happy!!
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      we remember only too well how stressfull the tra was - much more work than anything still to come
      enjoy while you can

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      Hello to all

      Hi everyone!
      My name is michelle and I have wanted to live in oz for sometiime now, and finally today have put the wheels in motion. I understand it is a long process but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. I have been absorbing all the great advice on PIA!

      My family consists of my partner Phil, my daughter Becky 13 and our black lab lulu.
      Phil has just completed his degree in nursing, mental health.

      found this site by accident and have been totally hooked on it for most of the afternoon.

      we are currently living in Lincoln, and at the moment its freezing.

      i am coming to Adelaide in Feb to stay with friends and to have my first look at Oz, i am so excited. i just worry that i might not want to get on that plane home again!

      looking forward to hearing from all:)

      michelle, phil and becky


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