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      Exclamation Hello - I'm coming to Adelaide.

      Hello all.

      I'm coming over to Adelaide in the summer (your winter) for a month. Got lots of things planned as I will be staying with family but I'm also trying to look for some volunteer work to pay my way over there.

      If anyone reads this and knows of anything please let me know.

      it would be much appreciated


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      Anyone will take you for volunteer work, but it's best to sort it out nearer the time, or even when you get here so you can have a look yourself. If you are only here for a month you want to be somewhere nice, and enjoy it. Not sure how you mean it will pay your way though, as volunteer work is unpaid. Hopefully other people will have more ideas for you. If you do get stuck friends of mine run an organic cafe in the city and always need extra help. Pm me if you need any info.

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      Thank you so much for that!
      Yeah, I didnt exactly mean pay my way...It's more to get out my Aunty's hair for at least a little bit!!
      But thanks!

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      Hey again.
      I was vague before. Could you please give me more info. on your friend's cafe?
      It would be much appreciated.



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