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      Welcome to the site Missjones and gang! Good luck with it all, i am sure you can find some answers here and on other sites like it.

      ps...when you get here you can change your pic to one of your family on a beach with no rain coats and the sun!!!

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      hi jacqui
      Now i understand your work, my brother does a similar job, his job is looking after 3 young blokes aged around 18 - 23 with learning disabilities during the week, taking them out places.

      And me, i am waiting on reply of my TRA assessment to be passed any day now, i sent it 5 weeks ago. i am carpenter / joiner and this is the ocupation i am using to get the visa.

      good luck with your TRA and if it gets difficult dont hesitate to ask questions on here.
      we've all done it! and be sure to shop around the migration agencies and try to go with one that you pay for each stage of the process not 1 lump sum.


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      Hi sarahsmartiepants!
      Yeah I never thought of that. The picture was took on our holiday last year in October in sunny old Brighton! I can't remember it ever stopping raining once! Lovely place thou!
      I take it the Brighton and Hove over there is a little different?
      I wouldn't want to psychologically harm anyone anyway if I put a photo of me on here in a tankini!!!
      Thanks for your messages anyway. Keep em coming.

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      Hi Paul, let us know as soon as your assessment comes thru won't you and the very best of luck.
      Thanks for the advice re agents. You learn something new every day. As I'm new to this whole thing that's exactly the advice I'm gonna need as I really don't want to get stung by huge unnecessary bills, as I'm sure others don't! I'm beginning to realise from this site, however, that unless I keep my head screwed on and really shop around I may.
      Thanks for that one anyway and good luck with yours TRA


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