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      What am I getting myself into!!!

      Hi, we're new to this site so will genuinely value all of ur advice on anything! I'm a Registered Learning Disability Nurse hoping to emigrate to Adelaide within the next 18 months with my OH Macca, Harry 8, Molly 6 and Henry 2. I'm gonna start printing forms off soon to get my qualification assessed, however, I've been informed by a lady at NBSA that RNLD's haven't been used for many years in SA! Are there any of you out there already who can give me advice/info on the LD world? Will I struggle to find work when out there? Oh God my head hurts! It's all very confusing! Wer're going to an emigration exhibition next month thou so hopefully will get some free help and advice!

      Anyway gotta go, so pleeeeease send me any advice.
      Many thanks

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      Hellloooo MissJones!
      Love the name by the way! I can't help you on the nursing front as I haven't got a clue but any other advice about Adelaide in general, just ask away.

      I'm sure the emigrating fair will help you out tonnes. Maybe there you should chat to an emigrating agent as using one of them will take "most" of the stress out of the visa paperwork.

      Anyway, good luck and keep us all on PIA updated!!;)

      Judi x
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      Richard & Amanda

      Can't help with the nursing......but we are also going to an emigration exhibition at the NEC on 29th Sept, 2 tickets for 10 if you are near to them. Its part of the Place in the Sun exhibition going on there.

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      Hi Miss Jones.
      I'll never get used to the name though I'm afraid, my daughters dance teacher is a miss Jones and Also my sons reception teaches was Mrs jones so I am all Jonesed out. However both are very nice people they just have the teachers knack of making you want to sit down and put your hand up to ask a question.

      I cant help on the nursing frount but I would also say it was a good idea to speak to an agent most (the good ones anyway) will offer a free chat for advice befor you sign up. Make sure you shop around though as the fees vary wildy. If you do decide to go with one I would ask on here for advic first as 2 weather they are ok. From what weve picked up we were lucky to get a good one as their are some absolute horror storys knocking about.

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      Hi, many thanks for all of your lovely replies. What a fab website! I never knew it existed until my friend who also wants to emigrate told me about it the other day. I can tell its gonna be an invaluable source of info thou as you all sound wonderful. If and when we do come over you'll all have to pop round! I'm going to the Coventry exhibition which is on the 6th and 7th Oct. I didn't know about the NEC one so thanks for that. I need all the advice I can get cos I get carried away a bit. You know what us girls are like! I'm gonna get my nursing assessed soon anyway si I'll keep you all posted.
      Its just so scary but its just gotta be done. Especially for the kids and my sanity!
      Thank you all anyway and keep your advice coming.

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      Welcome aboard MissJones, just one question, why the hell do you want to leave Tipton?

      Just kidding, ask away on here, we are all friendly Well some are :p

      And like the name too, its my OH`s maiden name too

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      Hi, glad you like the name. It's sort of stuck from work and follows me around. Better than some of the others I've been called thou!!!
      I take it you've passed thru good old Tipton then? Or is it its reputation? Nah it ain't too bad, honest! There really is no comparison thou is there between canal and sea! I see you're well on the way to getting sorted. Ace! I can't wait to get things rolling and be in the same position.
      Best of luck and all that. Keep us posted and I'll do the same.

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      ;)Hi MIss Jones & Macca, good luck with your application and i hope we can help you with any advice, there is some great peeps here. Cheers Graham & Jacqui

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      hi miss jones
      i would just like to ask exactly what kind of things you do for your job as a nurse,
      sorry for asking but i am not to well up on nursing and just wanted to know more.
      also have you thought about using your O/H trade to emigrate? what does he work as if you dont mind me asking?

      good luck with your quest

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      Hi Paul, I don't mind you asking! I am a registered nurse and work with people with learning disabilities. At the moment I work in a group home for 6 adults with severe LD and challenging behaviour. I did 3 years training as like any other nurse and have alot of experience in this field gained over the years. I also have experience within Supported Living as a Team Leader. My job is on the skilled list and gets me 60 points, so is fab. I was just wondering if there was another RNLD out there or anyone working in this field who could advise me. Macca is a Logistics Manager, so although not on the list I don't think he should have trouble finding work over there. I've printed my assessment forms off today anyway so as soon as I get paid at the end of the month I can get the ball rolling. How exciting!
      Are you in the process? If so, how are you getting on?
      Good luck anyway and thanks for all of your kind replies. And Graham. Jacqui and co!


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