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    Thread: Cost of living.

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      Smile Cost of living.

      Hi, new to the forum and am looking for some weekly/monthly costs of everyday living in Adelaide.

      We are a family of six with a visa and we validated last Feb. Costs may be different now and when you are on holiday you dont see the 'house' costs. I'm trying to get an idea of the following outgoings.

      Car insurance
      house insurance
      School costs
      Water rates

      It would help us decide whether we can still come over to live in Adelaide.
      Thanks for any help

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      Hi Kathy,
      welcome to the forum; you'll find it really helpful!!

      Like anything, the cost depends on a number of factors.........where you live, what you're insuring, what school (and year) the kids go to, how much you use.............same as the UK.

      Medicare levy is taken from your wages, just like tax and ni, and isnt hugely different to the costing back there.

      I found electricity is a bit cheaper, but i might not be using as much........i have no idea about gas, but i would tell you that getting connected is a blooming costly affair, so i didnt bother!! Lots of places now have solar, but that is bloody expensive to fit and all......even with the rebates...

      Water rates are based on usage.............and SA has a save the murray levy, which other states dont have..........i had a leaky pool, so my last quarter was $400, got that fixed in a hurry, i can tell you. Its clever to invest in a grey water system too, and have rainwater tanks (something i have to get befor too long!)

      School fees range quite a bit; my kids are in yr 11 ($650 plus excursions, books etc) yr 9 (850 plus the above) and year 7 ($600); depends on the schools, but you can check that out on the DECS website, for most public and private school fees.

      Petrol is cheap, and the cost ranges up and down EVERY day.......most supermarkets have a rewards scheme getting 4 c a litre off, best on weds!

      Hope that helps.

      Good luck,

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      HOW CROSS AM I!!! I just wrote a long response and the internet crashed. I'll be quick.

      Car Costs - When you purchase a car you pay 4% stamp duty as well as REGO (which can be bought for 3, 6 or 12 months and is based on engine size, etc) and pay to change your driving license. We bought a $13,000 kia carnival and paid an extra $1162 for stamp duty, 6 month Rego and two 5 year driving licenses ($150 each). The Rego includes mandatory 3rd party insurance but that ONLY covers injury to a third part NOT their car. Not getting fully comprehensive insurance cost some of our family over $10000 when they got into an accident shortly after arrival and had to pay for both cars.

      Ambulance cover is imperative as call out charges can be between $600-$1000 even when someone else calls them (and if you all the police about an accident, my understanding is that the ambulance is automatically dispatched at your expense.) If you have private cover that will be covered but if not you can purchase it for about $70-$100 for a family from the post office, HBF, MBF and others.

      Food for us (a family of 5 +2) is roughly $200-250 per week. However, that is because we are still living with my inlaws and paying for all food, etc and they have complicated needs. We could and will do it for less.

      School - It's important to remember that school uniform here tends to be very expensive. We paid over $1500 for 3 kids (and most of it was second hand) as they needed full PE kits and summer and winter uniform. The gingham dresses that aren't all that different from the UK are roughly $80-$100. Grey shorts/trousers are $40 each. Many things have logos, etc. Now before you panic our kids are going to a low fee paying private school (that means yearly tuition of between $3-4K perchild) but my family within the state system have still spent several hundred.

      Hope this helps a bit. Just PM if you have any other questions. We've only been here sinces November but it seems much longer!

      PS if this message comes up twice, I'll cry...)

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      across the board i would say cost of living similar.some things cheaper some more expensive
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      i agree with bergkamp.

      Electric depends on what air con system you have
      Gas that comes in bottles for the barbie! we use a little in winter and the hot water uses gas also.
      Fuels cheap, cars cost more, insurance about the same,
      Scholl you pay for, so thats your choice as to how much.
      Beer and wine has gone up since you last came
      House and land prises will have risen coupled with a terrible exchange rate. you will not be working out at 1.75 to the pound..... if not 1.65 .

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      I my opinoon i would say its around them same the stuff that is more is pretty much cancelled out but the stuff that is cheaper ie, your shoping maybe 40 bux more but it costs 40 bux less to fuel your car.

      Food qaulity here os laot better than the yUk...especially meat....

      All in all we find it on a par...but it does depend on where you shop in UK then as to where you shop here in Adelaide.

      i cnt give you a breakdown of our bills....my mrs deals with all them hehehe..

      any other questions just post them on here i am sure you will get some good help, info and advice...


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      Hi Kathy.

      School cost vary dramatically here. I pay $195 a year and then pay for excursions as and when they happen.My daughter does not have a logo on her uniform so basically just has to wear blue. I tend to get her uniform from places like Target, BigW, Best for Less. Summer dresses- $18, Polo tops around $8, shorts/skirts/skorts all between $12-$30.

      Electric tends to be around $300 a quarter, goes up and down depending on time of year. I don't have gas.
      Car ins - $55 a month
      Home contents ins - $38 a month
      Private health cover (extras only)$50 a month
      With my rental i only pay service charges for my water which is something like $38 a quarter.
      The other thing which is worthwhile having which i never considered previously is income protection. I do not have this yet as trying to sort wages out as in new job but think it'll be around $80 a month. The sick leave from work is completely different here and should for any reason u become unwell and need time off (as in weeks/months/ years) u will not be paid unless its under work cover (injury at work). It is something that i was not aware of before i came and is worthwhile looking at.

      Hope this helps a bit and good luck.
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      hello all we are moving out in sept 2010 but will be there in 2 weeks for yet another reccie. Cant believe how much costs have gone up in the last 4 or 5 yrs housing food etc let me know your thoughtd

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      Thanks so much for all your speedy replies!! It does sound similar to England apart from food . As you say medicare and schooling cost more but petrol is cheaper so it is swings and roundabouts.In England I shop in Tesco's and buy all the BOGOF and 3 for 2 offers, when we came for our reccie in Feb 09 our food bill was higher so I think this would be the biggest shock - although I remember meat being a lot cheaper than England.

      Our hardest changes are the exchange rate (as we got 2.3 to the pound) and the price of houses since applying for our Visa in 2007 has really risen. Anyway will take everything into account and if we ever have a decent offer on our house that we can accept we will know whether the dream is still possible.


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      Food costing so much more & less choice, makes you eat healthier home cooked meals, more BBQ`s aswell.

      I found it cheaper than the UK, but it was because I adapted, spending more time outdoors also cuts costs down, less elec/gas being used at home!

      I think the worst bit is if you dont get a permanent job because casual work means no sick pay/hols etc.




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