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      A degree of confusion

      Hello all,

      Stephen aka Wurzel here. New to the forum and I hope soonish to be new to Adelaide with my wife Olga.

      I have questions for you all.

      In order to enter Oz I need enough points which should not be an issue as I have an Aunt and Uncle and also a degree in Electronics, or I thought I did. It turns out dusting off the paperwork that my degree is in "Electrical and Electronic Engineering" which as far as I remember had nothing very much to do with Electrical and all to do with Electronics. To the extent I believe the Uni changed the name shortly after I got my degree.

      However, if the Oz powers regard it as Electronic I'm sorted because that gets me up in the top few tiers and I get in by early 2011. However, if they regard it as just some other degree then the advice I have from my Migration Agent is it could take 3 years. Therefore I somehow need to show that it is a pure electronics degree.

      The second thing - I have some background in profesional audio electronics design but have spent the last 11 years in Telecoms with the last 8 or so in embedded software with a very large company. However I would really like to work in a small company with less TPS reports. Would anyone be able to recommend any good web sites for job hunting?

      best wishes all,

      PS: if you do not know what a TPS report is, watch the movie "office space".

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      hi Steve there is a company here called RPl central (recognition of prior learning). If you go to there website it has a wizard - like the immigration website! it will take you through & point you to the most suitable qualification you are likely to be able to get any Australian qualification from certificate 1 to degree level. There is a set price for the service & it works by you providing them with your certificates, relevant work experience & asks you to support this by way of written references etc. It is all done on-line & they guarantee a refund if you sign up & they cant get your certificate as agreed.
      I hope this helps! let me know how you get on! steph x



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