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      New to the site

      Hi there,

      My husband and I plus children are looking to move to Australia and looking at Brisbane and Alelaide. We would like to move mortage free, so Adelaide seems the better option as the houses are cheaper - would you agree???? Our main concern is work - my hubby works as an Telecomms Supervisor for BT - would it be sensible to line up a job before moving over OR would you have to be in OZ first?

      Would appreciate your comments!

      Many thanks Chez & John

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      Hi and welcome to PIA. I think you are probably right (from the uk perspective) that housing is probably cheeper in adelaide, but wages are lower 2. Morgan my OH is an accountant and he has looked into getting a job befor we get their but the agencys have tole him most companys wont look at him until he has a visa. Obviously I cant say if this is the same for other occupations. Good luck with your visa.

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      hi chez & john
      welcome to PIA
      if you are thinking of trying to get employment lined up before you go then you should try these web sites,
      there is one more but the name has escaped me but i am sure some one else on this site will be able to tell you more. also i think it is a good idea to try and line up work before you go as it could also help you with your visa application.

      good luck

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      Whether you can get a job before you get here is piece of string question, as there are licenses here to do most things, some employers wont touch you with out one and others dont seem bothered. Right time/place thing I think. I think I am right in saying if you can get employment then the company can sponser you, which will help with you visa application.
      I guess the best thing would be to start on resumes and e mail them out to potential employers and take it from there, cant hurt to try.
      Housing is cheaper than rest of oz at the moment, but in a lot of cases wages are lower than the rest of oz too. But either way they are cheaper than the uk, so is steak!!! And petrol!!

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      Hi, it seems harder than you think to secure a job before you go, as mentioned before alot of people want you to have a visa before they will look at you, my OH BT engineer, been advised needs a cabling license which can only do once there, but we are still emailing cv's out all over the place, def worth doing agree is case of right place/right time and all than. good luck.

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      Hi and welcome to the forum

      I would agree that house prices are lower here than rest of oz but rest of cost of living is very similar to uk. Some things are slightly lower (petrol!!! and eating out ;)) while others are similar or even slightly more than the uk while wages are lower on average.

      We chose Adelaide for the laid back family lifestyle and we have definitely found that here. On the job front we found a lot of people just would not talk to you while in the uk waiting for the visa.


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      Climate in Adelaide

      Hi there,

      Many thanks for all your replies :D

      Whats the weather like in Adelaide during the winter months - I have been told that it is not much different to here in the UK - that can't we true can it?????

      The other concern I have is schooling for my daughters aged 4 and 7. Would anyone know of a useful website that would give us Ofsted reports or equivalent to?

      Is it better to rent a property first, to get used to the area or take the plung and buy?

      How long can it take from applying for your visa and getting the OK?

      Sorry for all the questions - our heads are spinning.

      many thanks for taking the time to reply, very much appreciated.

      Chez & John

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      We arrived late April so have just done our first Aussie winter.

      It is not similar to the uk really but not what we were expecting living in Australia either It only lasted about 3 months and no grey drizzly skies so that is a major plus! But it does get very cold and I think this feels colder here because the houses are not geared up for the cold like the UK - no or very little insulation, no double glazing, central heating, radiators etc

      During the day temperatures went down as low as 8 and at night down to 3 which feels very very cold - it is odd how the temperatures here feel colder than uk Luckily it does not last for long and before we even hit spring we managed a day at 30.4 and the sun shines a lot more too

      I would say rent first to give yourself time to look at different areas and live in a suburb for a while to make sure it is right for you before buying - very pricey here to buy then sell to buy again if you pick the wrong area first time!

      Our visa was 4 months 2 weeks from applying to getting but they are taking longer at the moment and will depend as well which visa you are applying for. Ours was an SIR495.

      With schooling - there are so many around. When you decide where to settle then go and visit the schools around and talk to parents whose children go there to see what they think.


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      Ditto what Lisa has said, but will add, when you have found an area and school, also go to the local shops and the nearest large mall, it will give you another angle to look at it from.
      They dont do reports on schools here like the ofsted ones...one way it is better, less paperwork, and worry for the school

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      House prices for New builds

      Hi there,

      We are still at the early stages and keep thinking should we or shouldn't we move. Really worried as to whether we can afford it. We have a lot of equality in the house - but want to use this as a down payment on a new property. Hopefully fingers crossed my hubby will find a job but we estimate that he would only be earning $35000 a year (Telecomms Supervisor) due to the wages being really low - thats only about $1600 a month - we would have to pay our bills etc - not sure if we would have a enough to live on. Anyone else have the same worries.

      Take care - Chez and John


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