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      Newbie in need of a bit of advice

      Hey Everyone,

      Have spent a few weeks reading forum posts on a variety of forums to try and figure out where I would like to move down under and Adelaide strikes me as the place to be! As always with new people I'm a little confused by the whole migration system etc and would like some general advice - if you wouldn't mind!

      My current situation:
      I am currently a 23 year old Undergraduate at the University of Warwick, studying German and Business (with the Business modules mainly being around Human Resource Management and a bit of Finance - ideally would be looking for employment in either General Management or Human Resource Management) and will graduate this June/July. At the minute I have no real work experience (spent the last 4 years at Uni so didnt really have the chance to get any) but would like to move out to Aus ASAP - can't really face another winter like the one we just had!

      My Questions:
      1. Obviously I am the right age to be able to come out to Australia on a Working Holiday Maker Visa. I'm aware most people say that this isn't the ideal route to use to come out to Australia and try to get permanent citizenship, however what I wanted to ask is given the fact that I will be a graduate and fairly skilled would there be the possibility of using this visa as a "try before you buy" to persuade employers to consider sponsorship (and allow me to see if I like the job or not)?

      2. Carrying on from point 1, is sponsorship a good way of getting out to Australia and realistically how hard is it to get?

      3. Kind of off topic a bit, but how do you go about speaking to family etc and telling them that you're planning on moving 10,000 miles away?

      Any advice you can give would be invaluable.

      Many thanks


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      Quote Originally Posted by Herrboarder View Post
      Hey Everyone,

      3. Kind of off topic a bit, but how do you go about speaking to family etc and telling them that you're planning on moving 10,000 miles away?

      Hi Nick,

      We are still in the uk, and are at visa stage now, so just waiting. I will not lie to you, I know nothing about your situation, with which visa etc, and not having experience in your chosen field.

      As for family, PERSONALLY I would gather all the information I could, know the saying 'fore warned is fore armed'? well when you tell your family of your plans, by being prepared you will have the information and knowledge to answer their questions, either tell the closest member sof the family to you, first or mayber all together be prepared for a barrage of questions .

      Good luck, the process does have its ups and downs and ups again, if you want it bad enough, then you will find a way.

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