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    Thread: A nervous "hello"

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      Nice post Jim. Good to read how you are finding it after having just got here.

      Welcome Michelle and family, hope your leaving UK and settling in here goes well.
      Me (36), DH (36), DS1 (9), DS2 (6), DS3 (4), DD1 (2), DD2 - BRAND NEW!!! 26-6-11 ...80 ʇdǝs ɹǝpun uʍop pǝʌıɹɹɐ

      Enjoying every day life with all our needs satisfied in this sunscorched land...

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jimjustin View Post
      Hi Shella,

      I have just moved to Adelaide with my wife Amy and we are finding it much to our liking. We only landed 4 weeks ago but we are starting to feel quite at home now and getting to know a few areas.

      We too have been looking to rent at the beaches and you are right it is expensive. we have seen some complete dives, but some nice places too. We think we have got somewhere now at Henley Beach which is lovely. All the beaches up that stretch are nice but we prefer the ones nearer to the airport, West Beach, Henley beach and Grange. We've been up to semaphore, and largs and it is nice all the way up really.

      Not too sure about holiday rentals, but for six or twelve month rentals which is the standard time scale here this is what we have experienced in the last few weeks.
      If you need a three bed house you will be looking at 400 to 500 dollars a week if you want somewhere nice. We saw a 4 bed place 2 streets from the beach at henley 3 days ago and it was lovely, probably ideal for your young family, but it is expensive there. It was 500 dollars a week, and unfortunately it was just too big for us otherwise we would have applied for it. But if you want somewhere relatively modern and close to the beach with 3 beds, thats what it will cost unfortunately.

      You might get something cheaper if you look at units, but it depends if you want to be detached from everyone else or not.
      If you want to PM me your email I can send you some pictures from Henley and West beach that we have taken this week along there. It is lovely and the sunsets are spectacular.

      The rental market for good places is very tight and there are lots of people after them. If you can, offer to pay rent up front for a few months as it usually sweetens the deal. Also if you can provide any references from previous landlords that can help too. You almost have to sell yourself to landlords here as they have plenty to choose from. The rental estate agents can be hard work too.

      On the diving front, Cairns is excellent for diving, I've dived there a bit and its usually very good. My friend owns a Hostel up there and would probably sort some trips out for you on the dive boats if you tell him you know me. Let me know and I'll give you his details.
      Cairns is a great place to visit at that time of year. Although it is winter, the temperature is generally in the mid twenties and its not wet. (It can be a bit chilly at night though.) If you go during the wet season, (December to April time) it can be very wet and very humid. The only downside is sometimes it can be a little windy at that time of year and the sea is a little rougher. Should be good visibility though.

      Good luck on the move, and if I can give one piece of advice, it would be this- dont run around like headless chickens trying to set the world on fire in the first week. We did that and got nowhere, but did get very stressed out. So chill out a bit, take your time, (everybody else will!) and settle in slowly if you can.

      Hope this is of some help.

      Cheers, Jim.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to write such an informative post Jim. Ive been loong on the renal sites everyday and theres hadly any new properties coming on so I think we will struggle - especially as our buget willbe tight.

      Will be looking out for your other posts to see how you are seting in a yes, would love to see some photos




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