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    Thread: So happy in Adelaide

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      So happy in Adelaide

      Hey guys,
      I have just read a couple of negative post, and wanted to reasure anyone who is thinking of migrating to Adelaide.
      It is a wonderful life here, but only once you are settled.
      For some it can take minutes some days weeks months and years.
      I have lived here now for 2.5 years and I although had a whole year which was a bit of a nightmare and at the time I probably worried people who were trying out a new life. For that I really am sorry.
      Now we live on a river over looking the Dolphins and are trully living the dream, life is fantastic, there are so many great things to do with our 3 kiddies one of our new pasttimes is Kayaking the dolpins actually swim underneath you, life for us would be so different in the UK even though my eight sisters and brothers are living there along with my MUM. I love them all, but I couldn't ever contemplate living in the UK ever again, so with this in mind when you get to Adelaide just throw yourselves into a new life as quick as you can, build up friends, join groups ect, get your kids into school and get your jobs sorted as soon as you can, then the quicker you'll settle.
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      Here, here, we love it too.

      Come on everyone who are loving life here. Let's champion the positive.
      Howard, Maria, Jamie, & Sam.
      Howard Flinn - Mobile Bank Manager for ME Bank - www.mebank.com.au

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      Hi Laura
      I remember reading your posts when things weren't going right and you were contemplating going back to UK. Good on you for getting stuck in and making a real go of it for you and your family - good to hear you are settled and loving life in Adelaide.

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      I agree it can be hard and emotional but like you say if you want it to work then it will. I love it and I know it will become more like home the more time we live here.

      Think positive!
      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009



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