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      Question What's the real cost of cat travel???

      Hi, we are new to the site. Will be leaving the UK on 5 November for our new life in Oz, our cat (Max) is 6.5 yrs old, one weeks he's coming too, the next he's not. Can anyone tell us how much a flight could be for Max from Sydney to Adelaide? Also our rented accommodation doesn't allow pets, so poor Max will need to go into a cattery for about 6-8 weeks, does anyone know of a decent one in the Seaford Rise area?

      Look forward to hearing from anyone who has some info.

      Jackie, Rich, Ollie (5) & Ed (20mths)

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      If you have a look on page 6 of migration there are 2 posts which might help you.
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      There is a cattery at the RSPCA in Lonsdale that is not too far from Seaford Rise:v_SPIN:


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      My cat cost $690 for the flight but the normal associated costs that go with it. Phone atleast 3 places to get quotes, they all differ, but make sure you give yourslef enough time to get vaccinations up to date.


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