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      going new years day

      hi lisa
      we r going in jan 07, maybe i could be your guinea pig,we r undecided whether to use the meet and greet service!!!

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      donna T
      Hi there

      We are hoping to be in Adelaide for Feb / March although I guess that depends on DIMA actually giving us the visas!

      Has anyone actually used the Meet and Greet that you know of?


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      greet and meet

      Hi Donna, i dont know any body that has used the service but i have done lots of reading up on it, and it seems quite a good idea ,i emailed the sa government for an application they were very quick to respond,a volunteer will meet u if you have too much luggage for their car the government will pay for 1 taxi for u ,you can request an area but these are not always met you are allowed the housing they offer u for 12 weeks,they take u shopping and help you sort out your tax file no. this seems to me like a good way to take away alot of stress when you first arrive and if your accomodation is pretty s\\\\y then you get a move on looking for somewhere else.Any way i filled in my form and emailed it back,but god knows what i did because they sent me an email back quite amused cause i had sent them a blank form!!!!! so i am going to fax it quickly as they like more than 6 weeks notice and i fly on the 01/01/07. any way hope that helps a bit,the reason i am trying desperatly for it is we have friends who went in sept and they said it was quite expensive and stressfull they were stopping in holiday cabins and paying a fortune[linen hire washing and all that],the cost of the housing on greet and meet is some where between $130 and$260 per week depending where u r and size of property and utility bills r included in this you cant beat that really can you. any way i think ive gabbled on too long again cya hayls .

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      donna T

      Thanks for the info - it does seem a great idea - hope you get it sorted.
      Wow - 1st Jan what a News Years Resolution! Best of luck x

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      Here is some more info on the arrival services -

      http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/sit..._meetgreet.php Meet & Greet

      http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/sit..._onarrival.php On Arrival Accommodation

      Lisa :D

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      We are planning to arrive in july during the kids holidays.............thats if we have the visa by then and if we have sold the house!
      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana


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