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    Thread: have i lost the plot????

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      have i lost the plot????

      Hi all

      I wanted your thoughts although i am some what of a sceptic i am feeling a little unsettled and am actually considering revising my plans.

      At christmas my mother-in-law was told by a so called psyhic that someone close to her was moving abroad and to tell them not to go as it will be a big mistake. I told her i was not going to listen to some women and never gave it a second thought. Yesterday my sister (who new nothing of my mother-in-laws warning) went to a spiritualist church and relunctantly stood up when the so called medium asked whose sister is moving abroad again she was told to warn me against it 'its a big mistake'

      Help im supposed to be going to Adelaide 2nd June....am i being stupid or would it make you guys worry?


      A very tired Issy who cant sleep and Kev who thinks i am an idiot

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      Hi Guys

      I wouldnt pay too much attention to it personally. Don't get me wrong, I am a big believer in Spiritualism, mother in law is a spiritualist medium who travels the UK and abroad ( has been to Perth twice) to serve churches.

      These messages can have either simple or deep meanings and may not come true. If they are accurate, which incidentally the vast majority of mine have been, they can be years in advance.

      Please don't worry about it, one of the things Sean's mum always says about the work she does is that you cannot live your life by it. You are in a much better position to decide what is best for your future than someone who is "on the other side" so to speak.

      Good luck

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      Hi there, This is a massive move and you are bound to have doubts. I agree this is a big coincidence but I get the feeling that if you changed all your plans and decided not to go you would be wondering if they were wrong for the rest of your days. The last time my mum went to one they told her my little girl would be a boy and this was also said to my friend who went to a different psychic. Hope this helps and good luck with whatever you decide.

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      The Dimmocks
      Personally I wouldn't worry, I dont believe in all that stuff. I would try and forget it as you will always be looking for things to go wrong and wont totally settle.

      Enjoy your last few months in UK it stressful time and thinking about it not working before you even got here is going to make it even more stressful.

      Good luck :)

      Michelle x

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      awwww! i really feel 4 u! We are going in june too and are paniking and worrying about everything anyway, but with you hearing this it must be a nightmare. I went to one a few yrs back and i was gonna come into some money!!!!!!! well still waiting i dont know quite what to say to you just want you to know that i can see were your coming from but if you dont go ul always be wondering....... take care:cute

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      I can so very much understand why you have concerns. We would all like a glimpse into our future, just to check that it's all going to be OK. I think I would be on your side of the fence, not sure what to do, what does this all mean? However hon, we choose our own paths, and we like to think that we can follow our own gut instinct.

      But this has to be OUR gut instinct, our desires, our need to experience more, see more and learn more. From that we experience mistakes, wonder why an earth we did something in the first place, what has been the purpose, what an idiot. But we have this from childhood, attempting to put finger in socket, to back chatting to our parents when we were teenagers!

      You have 2 choices, stay or go. I know what I would do, and I'm pretty certain underneath all of your concerns you do too. Best of luck!

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      Lyndie Loue
      How bizarre! I went to a tarot card reading about 3 weeks ago, she was very accurate & told me (with no prompting by me I may add) that I would need to make a decision about putting my house up for sale at the end of the year but a move abroad would all depend on whether my hubby could pass some sort of paperwork form based on his health ( he has rheumatoid arthritis so medical is a BIG concern for us)- she could not give me a yes or no as to whether we would get there but if we did then we would have a better life!! Now, as much as I love all this business my logical head knows that the only thing steering our future is us - ANY one of us emmigrating COULD be making the biggest mistake ever or the BEST move ever, the point is you will never know till you try - and we must, IMO, give it a go, because we are a long time dead!!

      To be far it was a very spooky experience & can totally understand how you feel. But if you don't go you may never, ever know, all thanks to spiritual messages that can be interpretted many different ways xx

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      I am also Magical, I say go!

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      Hello Issy,

      It is a dilema if you let it be, and only you can really answer it.

      The main point is if you think there is a mistake to be made, you will not know unless you actually make it, pre moving jitters, nerves, doubts heebie jeebies whatever you want to call them everyone on here I am sure has had them at some point without others upsetting them.

      I think your family thought they were doing their duty in mentioning this to you, and so they have, now you do your duty and live your life as YOU have planned it, two sure things in life for we are born to this earth and we leave it too, what we do in the meantime is injvariably upto us.

      You will be forever wondering if you do not go to Oz, and you will never know, we (most of us) are brought up to learn by our mistakes etc, yes I know if there is one ahead of you it could be an expensive one that you have to go through, all the same as with life it is YOURS to live, love and learn from....

      How can we live our lives to their fullest if we analyse everything too much, we would not set foot over the door, in life there is always an element of doubt but unless you take life by the horns and live your dreams you will not know what your TRUE destiny has for in store for you.

      Good luck with everything, (if it were me, and this is my opinion, I still feel in my heart I would go, it is an opportunity so many do not get x )

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      Getting the wobbles is natural, EVERYONE has a second thought.

      If you need a reason to to come to Aus then use this one, if you need a reason to return to the UK when things are not working out here then use this one.

      The truth is, you will never know unless you try, and who else in those peoples lives could be moving or going abroad in the next 40 years?

      To come so far and blast it away on the hearsay of strangers (no one has told you) is silly.

      You could use it as a leverage point, if someone tells you that you cannot do something........... we usually try to prove them wrong.

      Do they know what your having for lunch tomorrow?


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