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      Hi Malvina,I live in the UK now but emigrated to Adelaide with my parents way back in 1970,so not long before you arrived!Did you stay in a hostel?We did and it was absolutely awful.Pennington?Looked like some kind of concentration camp to be honest.My Mum wanted to get back on the first flight back to the UK!:)Wow so much has changed in that time though has'nt it?I think we moved to Adelaide at that "golden"time when it really was the land of milk and honey.I remember my parents had a house built in Modbury(still live in that area but later moved house)and I think it costs $22,000!My older brother (builder)brought a plot of land up Modbury Heights for $250!!!!!!!!(that was mid 70's).Its nice to see an older poster on here that would remember things that I do!

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      Hello and welcome.

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      Intersted to read your post Moonraker. I am an oldie too. We emigrated to Adelaide in 1973. Built a house with RDC at Modbury Heights. The block cost $4,500. Toatal cost with house built was $19,750. That included the front garden being landscaped but no driveway. Golden Grove was still countryside. Tea Tree Plaza was there but much smaller. Also Modbury hospital.

      Hallet Cove was still sand dunes. The shops closed at Midday on Saturday. Service stations were closed on Sunday but there were a couple of petrol pumps that you could put coins in & serve yourself. Wages were about $100wk for a tradesman but you could buy enough food for a family of four for $30.
      RDC arranged for us to have OAA which was at Clovercrest, Modbury. Some at Campbelltown & Valley View. The cost was $24wk Which included everything including clean sheets & towels delivered each week. The milkman delivered milk during the night. Each night we left the money outside the front door for him.
      Not sure you could do that these days!
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