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      hallett Cove

      HI Guys any one get any points of view on Hallett Cove, as heard from we are thinking of living over there, we have heard mixed views on the schools there, anyone got any info to give us .

      regards Alan & Gina

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      Hi Alan and Gina, we moved over to Adelaide 7 months ago and ended up in Hallett Cove simply becasue it was the nicest rental we saw we knew nothing about the area!!
      We have 2 boys aged 9 and 5 and they go to the Hallett Cove East school and love it. They have settled really well made some great friends and are invloved in sports at school and outside of school which in my opinion has helped them to settle. The school is very supportive to new students, and welcoming and both my boys seem to be doing well!!
      We have made some great friends in the area and have found everyone very friendly and welcoming.
      If can help further please just ask.

      Love Becki x x



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