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      Hi everyone. We have been thinking of and hoping to emigrate in the next couple of years. Fingers crossed. In the mean time just trying to gather as mauch info as possible. Chose Adelaide as it seemed to suit us perfecly and certainly appealed the most with the research we have done so far.

      We have 2 difficulties and I would love to hear from anyone who has had similar situations to cope with. My husband would be leaving behind his son from a previous marriage who lives with his mum, and I would need permission to move my son across to the other side of the world from his father.

      Other than that I think we would stand a good chance, my husband is a diesel mechanic and I am qualified and have several years experience in Hospitality. I think his job prospects seem good. Would love any wee tips or advice on nice beach suburbs, schools and if anyone knows if there is competitive kart racing in Adelaide please get in touch as my son has just started this in the UK and we woudl love him to continue with it.

      Thanks folks x

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      ooops! forgot that we also have 2 dogs, a German Shepherd and a husky x shepherd. Would also love tips from anyone who has shipped their pets over and experiences, costs involved etc. Thanks!


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