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      donna T
      Hi Vicky and welcome.

      Apply for OAA anyway - even if you only stay for a few weeks it gives you some breathing space and a good base to look around from, Once you find the area you like, you should be able to get the kids into school and commute in before you get settled into a rental. It is a cheap way to start off and worked for us!

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      You seem to be asking yourself the same old confusing questions as we do! I really don't want to put the children in a school and then move to another area and have to change their schools again. Just want them to be settled. Lisa did say to me you have 3 months before they have to be enrolled in a school, should give us time to find an area!

      Sure you'll get loads of helpful advice on here, everyone fantastic with all their help and advice and we would be lost without Lisas Adelaide Bound website!

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      Hello From Glenelg

      Hi Vicky,

      My name is Val, my husband is Danny, we have 2 girls aged 16 and 13 (good babysitters!!!) we moved here nearly 3 years ago. We live in Glenelg North (near the beach, it's great). re jobs, it depends, I am a nurse and had a job lined up, Danny was in the Army previously and he struggled to get the job he wanted as he had very few qualifications. We arrived with a hotel room booked for a week and nothing else, it was tough sorting everything out, but we have no regrets. Adelaide is great, there are good schools everywhere and there is none of the crime and dirt of the UK. If you have any questions let us know we have been through the whole process, including visas (didn't waste money on agents). Re housing and areas have a look at on the net at realestate.com.au. It depends where you want to be; in the city is expensive, west by the beach (where we are) is a great, but of course by the beach can be expensive, up North (Elizabeth and Salisbury) is cheaper, but mixed some lovely bits others not-so. South is OK but again some areas better than others, Hallet Cove (south) is cheap not too far away, and a beautiful spot (but is a bit of a boom area at the moment), but every area of Adelaide is sunnier, cleaner and friendlier than the UK. Look forward to meeting you for a coffee, (lots of good coffee shops).


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      Good Morning!

      I have just joined this forum. My names Vicky and I'm married to Joe we have two children Jack 6 and Darcey 3. We are arriving in Adelaide on March 5th.

      We are struggling to work out what to do now? Do we look for jobs 1st? house? area? schools? its soooooo confusing. Trouble is we don't feel that we can commit to any area until we have been there and seen what there all like.

      Any ideas would be much appreciated

      Thanks in advance

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      ozzy wannabe
      Thnks you for the offer off meeting for a coffee. I have to say that Glenelg sounds FAB lokk forward to it.


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      Welcome to PIA.
      We got OAA in Christie Downs, initially, the house itself was fine but we had a bad experience & decided to get a short term furnished rental which we are in now.
      I agree with Donna, apply anyway, you have nothing to lose.
      Good luck
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