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    Thread: Importing your Vehicle

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      It doesn't matter where you are importing from, the rules are the same. You have to have owned the vehicle for the twelve months before you apply for a vehicle import permit. There are strict criteria for importing a vehicle into Australia – read this document carefully as you will not get a permit unless you fulfil all of the criteria.


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      Hello Mandy,
      Thank you for the reply. We have now sent an application to import our vehicle to Oz, they said it might 6-7 weeks to get a response from them. We get that an approval for that at least it's one thing out of the way. We can always decide later on if we want to ship it or not. I will try to contact cargo online. If you don't mind me asking, What car did you ship to Oz? Again many thanks for your info.

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      Have a look on the POMS in Oz site there is a section there dedicated to importing your vehicle. After discussing with the guy on there i decided it was not worth it - you have so much to consider and I also understand that insurance is more costly for imports and the resale value is much less. If you are going to run it into the ground it maybe worth it.
      Here and settled

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      hi maria

      we spent more time researching this before we came than almost anything else ! Ultimately i decided there was neither i right or wrong answer....you may save a bit short term but long term it may even out. We sold our 2 cars and bought a brand new one on arrival,which was cheaper than the equivalent uk version( honda jazz).we are glad we did it this way... our goods were way behind us due to been lied to by the shipping company( who shall remain nameless due to advertising )and we needed a car straight away to find a house/job/schools etc. Any loss we made was more than made up for in this way....
      If you do bring your car , as well as getting it through customs and changed/checked to make sure it complies here, you will have to pay rego.
      all cars here have to do this each year, a bit like road licences in the uk. REgo for a 4 cylinder car is about $700 a year . this makes your car legal to drive as the rego includes 3rd party insurance for PEOPLE ONLY. If you crash and somebody is hurt the insurance covers that but you are still liable for car or road damage.
      Fully comp insurance is quite cheap here compared to the uk. Its cheaper to run a big car here compared to the uk....
      Don't forget to get your uk licence changed asap here... it will make things loads easier....



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