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      Hey my name is Linda and myself and my husband and 2 children are looking into moving to Adelaide. We have been for a 3 week holiday 2 years ago and are coming back this year for christmas for another 3 weeks.

      Just a few little questions first, while we are still in the thought process of moving.

      Can we bring our dog with us? as she is a huge part of our family.
      Would she have to go into Quarantine and for how long?

      My daughter is 14 this year, would it be really bad to move whilst she is doing her GCSE's ?

      We have filled in an online application to see whether we would qualify, What would be our next move PLZ help.

      Many thanks:)

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      Hi Gilksy.

      I am also new to the site and planning on emigrating as soon as is possible. My family and I went to a weekend expo in London where we found lots of answers to our questions. You can take your dog and according to the expo they have specialist people trained especially for this. How much it costs, I'm not sure. (don't have a dog.......only gerbils!)
      I have spent alot of time reading people's messages on here and there have been lots of people who have moved children at a similar age to yours and have all reported made the move successfully and have found settling into school fairly easy with the children in Australia being very welcoming and friendly.
      At the moment its a bit of a waiting game til the new SOL list comes into force on 1st July 2010. Mind you, no harm in getting passports sorted, decluttering a bit and doing lots of dreaming and wishing!

      Jennie (46), Julian (42) Abigail (11) and Melissa (9)
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      If you contact a migration agent such as John Adams via www.immigration2oz.com or Sherie Blakesley at sherie@migratemates.com I know that they will do a free inital assessment for you and give you an informed, no-obligation opinion of your chances of getting a visa. Best to do this before you get too enthusiastic as it's not as easy (or cheap) to migrate now as it was even 12 months ago.
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