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      Inspection Trip- Prospective Employer Funded.

      Evening all,

      I'm coming over in July, a prospective employer is bringing me out for 12/13 weeks so I can get a taste of the job/company/country before deciding to commit fully and bringing the family over.

      Flights and accomodation are all covered, as is a 'salary' paid into my UK account for 'consultancy fee's' whilst I'm out.

      For the time I'm over I'll get about $500 a week to cover accomodation, my question would be as to what I could get for that?, and more importantly where?

      Office is based in Bedford Park, so I'm not planning on having a car whilst I'm out so public transport links would be high on the agenda..

      Next questions would be what should I be looking to do (bearing in mind that this could result in all the family coming over at the end of it).

      Sorry if its alot of questions, I'm just trying to get my head around being away from the wife and children for that legnth of time (allthough if I can arrange it, I'll see if they can come out in the summer holidays).



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      great company

      All I can say ,Is great firm... The family will love the holidays! ;-)

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      For $500 a week you should be able to rent a palace!! There are plenty of rentals up in bedford park and the surrounding areas and the public transport is fab and affordable.
      Look at www.realestate.com.au for rentals, most of them usually like you to be in Aus to secure them, but we secured ours from the UK so it does happen.
      It will be a great time for you to explore surrounding suburbs and get a feel for where you think you and your family would like to settle once you arrive for good and to be honest only you can decide on that. There are many lovely areas and some not so nice (but this is only my personal opinion!!) We live at Aldinga beach which is about a half hour drive from Bedford Park with the expressway on your side, here we have the most beautiful beaches, access to the hills and still only an hour from the city.....but you would definately need a car to get you out and about.....the buses here are few and far between and we dont yet have tram/rail facilities!
      The other thing (most importantly) is to realise that July and August are the coldest months in Adelaide and it does get very cold, so please make sure you come prepared for the wet and cold weather. It rarely drops below about 12c but it sure feels a lot colder than that! This said, don't let the weather put you off life in this beautiful city. There is loads to see and do and it is a very family friendly city. If you can see past the weather you should haver a fantastic experience and when you get here for the long haul, you will get an extra surprise when the good weather is here!

      Best of luck
      JC x

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      You'll presumably be looking at getting somewhere furnished, so perhaps the $500 won't get you such a palace after all.... but you should be able to get an apartment - perhaps look at Glenelg? I was going to suggest an apartment in the City as you'll be on your own, and that's still an option - we stayed in a place run by Adelaide Regent Apartments - Accommodation Adelaide, Serviced apartments Adelaide, Adelaide Hotels, Fully furnished apartments Adelaide, Short term accommodation Adelaide city | Adelaide Regency Apartments, South Australia - it was in Hutt St and a good base for getting around. Bedford Park is to the South of the City so another option is somewhere like Unley - lots to do in the evenings, plenty of places to go out for a meal or a drink, but still food shops etc if you want to cook and eat in. You could have a look here Adelaide Metro - Timetables & Routes - Trip Planner for public transport links. Bear in mind that public transport tends to be quite 'city-centric' with everything either coming into the City or going out from it, so I think basing yourself centrally would work well.
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      You can try the www.adelaidebound.com.au web site for rental and other info.
      It's full of really usefull information.

      Adelaide Furnished Rentals. MIGRANT and HOLIDAY HOMES with unlimited internet in popular PORT NOARLUNGA. Walk to beaches, shops, stations. McLaren Vale 12, city 30 mins, beaches 2 mins away. Longer rentals (3 to 12 month) at discounted rates. Australian Business Number: 65261457068


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      Hi everyone.
      I am new in the Torrance city and need a good home. Could anyone suggest me some website that provide me reliable and affordable equity inspection?

      Torrance Certified Home Inspector



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