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      The trouble with teenagers.............

      Hi all,

      I'm Cathy and my hubby is Matthew we're moving to Adelaide on the 1st July. We've got two kids Sadie 9 and Jack 14.

      We were thinking about Jack going to Norwood Morialta High School in Eastern Adelaide. Does anyone have any kids that go there, if so did they find it easy to settle there?

      Jack's a bit reluctant about the move at the moment, (to say the least!) now that reality has kicked in and I'm now getting the silent treatment!

      Any teenage friendly advice would be greatly appreciated.

      ps. He lives for his BMX bike. Are there any BMXers out there?

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      Hi there
      Our neighbour's daughter goes to Norwood Morialta - we're out of catchment area for the school but her son before had gone there too and she has been very happy with it. Her daughter is certainly a nice young lady if that helps! The school does have a pretty good reputation generally. My daughter is 15 and I have a son who is 12 - both are at High School (not NMHS), one in Year 8 and one in Year 10, so anything I can help you with, just shout out. The lads of fourteen seem to be into all the normal teenage things - Playstation, varous sports, music, so I'm sure your son will settle fine. I will ask my son when he gets home from school if he knows of anyone that does BMX - there is a track not far from us so I'm sure there will be a few. I know of one young lad who is into the motorised version (motocross?) and he competes all over Australia (think he's only about 14 himself) so it's obviously something that goes on at quite a high level.
      Once you're here shout out and we'll meet for a coffee if you like, or organise a get together in the evening so you can meet a few other local expats!
      Look forward to hearing from you/meeting you.
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      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for the info. It's put my mind at rest a bit and I know Jack would love to know more about the motorcross. It's something to think about when we get settled.

      I'd love to meet up for a get together once we've arrived, that'd be great.

      Thanks again.



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