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      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      There are definitely "good bits" and "bad bits" in Tapperoo - even down to individual streets, so best to have a really good look around at various times of the day and night before buying or renting there. There are quite a few housing trust places that are being sold off there, and plans for quite a lot of redevelopment. As a mid to long term investment I think it is good, but short term you would have to really know what you were doing I think.
      I think that sums it up nicely!
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      Quote Originally Posted by bethef View Post
      Just wondered what Taperoo was like for young families?
      Not necessarily my opinion as we haven't been here long but Taperoo has quite a negative reputation from some local people. It does't really seem much different than Largs Bay/North but I'm sure it is down to personal opinion. There must be a reason that house prices are less there than further south. The Ocean View College also doesn't have a brilliant reputation. I'm not posting this to offend anyone just what I have heard. Again it comes down to personal opinion. Hope I've helped and not confused you more!!

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      Pretty good, but good and bad bits, like anywhere else. Anywhere along the penisula is nice but mainly all along the west side of Military rd. And once you live on the peninsula you wont want to move off, being so near the beach and semaphore is great especially in summer. Taperoo is a younger area than Largs Bay and Largs North. But Largs Bay is heaps more expensive. Hope this helps. Annie


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