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      Aiming for Adelaide

      Just come across this excellent website.

      My wife and I and our 13month old son are looking at moving out to Adelaide, hopefully next year but have done next to nothing in terms of investigating what we need to do.

      Mainly because we have been quite content in Exeter and because we dont really know where to start even though I assume I have an added advantage in that my wife is an Australian, born and bred in Murray Bridge, SA.

      We met about six years ago and since then have been living in Exeter in the UK. Exeter is a fantastic place to live and we have a relatively good lifestyle but my wife would like to get back home, we are both fed up with the weather, the traffic, the expense and the politics over here and with a growing family a house move is a must in the next few years and house prices have gone ballistic down here with the average house price in the area being 6-8+ times the average salary. In short We would have to sell our souls to move.

      If the aussie real estate web sites can be believed a tidy house in or around Adelaide is a possibility without having to work 24x7 to pay for it.

      I look forward to spending more time working through the various forums picking up on all of your expertise. Thankyou in advance.

      Must admit the thought of giving up a perfectly good job and arriving in a country jobless and potentially homeless is a little concerning but from several visits to the inlaws out there the plus sides would seem to outweight the perceived risks...........

      Need to pull my finger out now and get the visa application in.

      Cheers :)

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      Hi Taff,

      If your wife is an aussie, then I would have thought it will be relatively simple for you. A Spouse Visa is a whole lot less hastle to get than a Skilled Visa.

      The Immigration website is a good place to start...

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      Hi Taff and welcome to the site. Good luck with your visa journey ... and postings on here. All very friendly and helpful.
      Guzzler would like to know where in Wales are you from? He is a Ponty boy ....

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      Hi and welcome to the site :) Good luck with getting started with your visa

      Whereabouts in Exeter are you - this is where we lived for 10 years until April :o


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      Thanks for the welcome.

      I'm originally from Pembrokeshire where I lived until I left home and then spent about about 15 years in and around West London before moving to Exeter. We currently live in Heavitree near the top of Magdalen Road near the centre of Exeter and love it as we dont need to use the car very much as we can walk just about everywhere.

      If you left in April you will have missed the opening of the new Princesshay Shopping Centre......not bad....much better than it looked. Trouble is Exeter has been absolutely heaving every time we have gone into the city since it opended.

      I'll have to admit I have spent a fair few hours today wandering through most of the Forums on here and its really inspired us to get our fingers out and get applying for that visa especially as the opinion appears to be that house prices are rising quite quickly out there where they seem to have stagnated a little here.

      Have been out to Adelaide a few times with the wife visiting the inlaws and love it as it seems to have all the things a city has without being too crowded and dirty. More like a big town. We even got married out there and had our wedding reception at Mount Lofty Lookout.

      The work thing is going to be a big hurdle for me I think and is the one big thing I am worried about...........

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      HI Hope you find the forum as useful as we do!!!!

      We are concerned about the job thing, aparently for me (a Hairdresser) it shouldn't be too much of a problem but Lee is the main bread winner (hairdressing does NOT PAY) :).

      Its not our thing to leave one job without one already to go to, very worrying to say the least.

      We are going to look while in this country (although it doesn't seem that aus employers will take us seriously) hopefully once we have our visa ( god willing) we will stand a better chance. I have heard of people having telephone interviews and gaining employment prior to setting their feet on Australian soil, so fingers crossed.

      What is you profession?


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      I work in IT and have done since I left Uni but from what I have read having a proper job like , builder, plumber, electrician, mechanic etc would be much more usefull when trying to find work out in Oz. A friend of my wife who is an Aussie married a Canadian who also works in IT but is very much more technical and up to date than me and when they moved back to Adelaide it took him nearly two years to get a job in IT. When I search the job forums Adelaide never gets many hits. Most of the IT work seems to be in Melbourne or Sydney or the Gold Coast else I'm looking in the wrong place.

      You have my sympathies and I agree it is not easy to give up a job without one to go to. The ideal would be to have a job you leave but from reading this forum and others it would appear to be more the exception than the norm.

      When do you plan to go out to Adelaide?? How long has the visa process taken for you?

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      Lee is also in IT he is a project manager, we too have found a lot more jobs in Melbourne etc, so on that basis will move wherever he can find work the ideal obviously would be adelaide as thats where we have set our hearts, i suppose you have to be a little flexable as we are moving to the other side of the world :)

      I am just getting the last bits of my TRA together then will send all to the solicitors to get it all certifyed! So we have a bit of a way to go yet!!

      its a good thing your wife is from Aus, you have some inside info :)


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      Hi geezer,

      I'm a West Londoner. I see you spent a bit of time there. I loved it so much I moved to Essex then Lincs.

      Welcome to the madhouse. Good luck with the visa. With your situation it should be pretty straight forward. Thats as straight forward as an Ozzy visa can be. ;)


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      Hi Taff, and welcome to the site! We lived in Ceredigion for 3 years before moving back to Birmingham then out to Adelaide at the end of July! I know it would be a big worry to move out here without finding a job first but I guess if you're making the big leap to move to the other side of the world then you might just as well leap that little bit further and worry about a job when you get here! We took the attitude that if Richie couldn't find a job in his profession when we got here then he would just find a job doing ANYTHING until the right one came along. Luckily we'd been here less that 2 weeks when he found a job, purely by knocking on doors and putting himself about. Granted, he works in car body repairs and there's a lot of his work about but the principle is the same! We've been here two months now and we absolutely love it so far, much prefer sunny Aus to rainy England any day! It's true that you get a lot more house for your money, but the "experts" will tell you that Adelaide is the next boom town and house prices are rising accordingly. Whatever you decide, good luck!

      Liz and Rich


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