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    Thread: A Worry

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      I wish I`d kept my mouth shut about my back complaint TBH

      I put on the meds form that I suffered from back ache occasionally and am now paying the price for my honesty

      The initial doctor at Handsworth Wood asked for a consultant orthaepaedic report and would have cost me about 200, so I went to my GP and he said he had one on record from 2004 and said to send that as it would be sufficient.
      Then I had a phonecall off HWMC saying that they think they should send a more up to date one and as I don`t have 200 lying about spare I said to send the one from 2004. They then informed me that it could be returned and that they might ask for one at the Oz end.

      Its really starting to p*** me off now , I`ve never had a day off work through my back problem and although it does give me gip occasionally I can put up with it

      I just hope it doesn`t jeopardise my application

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      Oh dear, sorry to read that. I have to say that it sounds like a scam to me! I mean there is no way a GP would refer you to an orthopeadic consultant if you went to them with back ache. Good grief ( I'm being polite!) 90% of the population has been bothered with back ache.
      I'm beginning to wonder if the Panel doctors vary across the country with regards to what they pick up on in these medicals. Surely the whole point of the medical is to check if you're entering Oz with a complaint that may be a burden on their health service, quite rightly.
      I'm halting the rant now! I hope all goes well with you, I can see absolutely no reason why not. Maybe after they've extracted some more cash from you it will all be soretd. Oh that's more ranting, sorry.


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      Whos' to know the back ache didnt start after you walked out of the door at the medical??? Most of us will get ill at some point after our meds. I only told the doc about being anemic, because I knew it would show on the blood test.


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