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      My husband sat hits IELTS exam yesterday, so now it is a waiting game to see how he got on got to wait 13 days on the results.

      He has been offered a job as a Mental Health Nurse but need to get results of IELTS before we find out when he starts.

      We can't wait to come over we have got 3 kids, 2 boys aged 7 & 4 and a wee girl aged 1 and it is for them we are moving, to give them a better life than here in Dundee.
      We are hoping to be over Feb/March 2011.

      So fingers crossed this time next year we will be in Oz.

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      The Coyne Family
      Hi, welcome to PIA.
      You should be in OZ in no time at all if you have employer sponsorship.
      We also have 3 children Rachel 11 Jessica 9 and Gavin he's just 4. We're in Dublin and like you can't wait to make the big move . We're waiting on our visa at the moment, we just got SS today.
      Best of luck with the exam results.

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      Yes we are getting employer sponsorship, thank god, well hopefully we will all be there soon.


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      Hi, good luck with the exam, we are going on the 17th August.... not long. Not far from you just now we are in Stonehaven


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      Good luck with everything!!! it does seem to take a long time but it is soooooooooo worth it when you get here, we moved for a better life for our little girl and we just love it here.

      Best of luck

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      Hi everyone, it doesn't seem like two minutes since we were sweating on my IELTS exams and we have been here since August last year and absolutely love it.

      Good luck everyone.
      Howard, Maria, Jamie, & Sam.
      Howard Flinn - Mobile Bank Manager for ME Bank - www.mebank.com.au



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