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      Hi all,

      We came to Adelaide in Sep 08 initially on a visitors visa and then my partner got a student visa. This was our only real option of coming to Australia as my partners job on the UK was too specific and there was nothing like it in SA.

      Since then the immigration rules have changed several times and we are now trying to find a way to stay here. With the kids settled in school and having just started to get our house how we want it, we really dont want to have to sell up and go back to the UK.

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      true brit
      If you find a sponsor (or you can have up to 3x sponsors if l or 2 dont make the income level) who accept responsibility for your expenses if you have no money. They put down a bond which is held for 2.5 yrs and if you did access social security during the 2 yrs sponsorship the sponsors have to pay it back out of their bond. Hence, a lot of people wont sponsor you. ....Any family here? or try a company to sponsor you in yours or your husbands profession
      good luck anyway
      true brit


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