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      Flights Booked!!! 6 weeks to go!

      I thought I would introduce my little family. I am Nicole (31) (formally of Adelaide with British parents) but have been living in London for the past 10 years. I came over to the UK with a backpack to go travelling and 10 years on, have convinced my English husband Steve (42) to emigrate to my home town with our son George who is 18 months. Very excited but also nervous as London has been my home for so long! We have applied for Steve's spousal visa 2 months ago and are still waiting for the Australian High Commission to issue it, could take up to 4 months. Therefore, we have sold our flat and George and I will be coming over a month early (August) so Steve can sell our car.

      We are really intereted in meeting other families and if anyone can tell me of any playgroups in the Southern Suburbs, I would really appreciate it! We will be living with my parents in Port Noarlunga to start with as neither of us will have a job. Big risk coming over without one, I know but thought it would be easier if we are there to do it! Steve is a surveyor and I am a relocation agent/property consultant so hopefully we won't have too much of a problem, fingers crossed!!!!!! We are hoping to buy in the Hallett Cove or Aberfoyle Park areas, not too sure yet!!!

      Well I hope meet some of you soon!!!

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      Hi Nicole, my kids are at school now so not sure of playgroups, but there are many people on this forum down south with young children who im sure will chime in soon. hope the move goes well for you.

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      good luck with the move, we are also moving over in August (17th). we have no jobs lined up yet either, think it will be easier to look when we get there.

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      Hi Nicole, Steve and George

      God London to Adelaide, what a culture shock. Adelaide is a good move, you will not have any regrets, there should be plenty of work for you both.
      Our daughter is 9 now but we are thinking about having more kids and I know there are plenty of groups in the area you are moving to.
      I am 39 and a carpet cleaner and Nina is 29 and a nurse at the Royal Adelaide hospital, we are renting at Seaford Meadows 10 mins form Norlunga and we are building at Seaford Rise. Its a great area as your parents have probably told you, especially if you love the out door life as we do.
      Send us a pm when you get here or give us a bell and we will show you the area.

      Marcus, Nina and Miss Abi 0414 610 612
      Marcus, 42 - Carpet Cleaner, Nina, 32 - Nurse, Abigail, 12 - Going on 20, & Twins Emma & Luke, 2 - Double Trouble! We arrived Friday 8th January 2010

      If you need your carpets cleaning, Send Marcus a pm or visit our website www.rapiddry.com.au

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      Hi Marcus, Nina & Abi
      Thanks for your post! I actually grew up in the Southern Suburbs and only moved to London 10 years ago. I actually lived in Port Noarlunga where my parents still are so thanks for your kind offer to show us the area but I know it really well. We would love to meet up with you guys though for a coffee or beer once we have settled in so will contact you when Steve my husband arrives in late September. All the best and look forward to meeting you soon!
      Nicole, Steve and George

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      Welcome home, Coley :D
      I dont have much by way of useful info as far as playgroups etc, just sending you a *smile* and a hand/someone to drink coffee with (hehe) when you get here!
      Hope you have a smooth trip!
      Jo x



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