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    Thread: another wannabe migrant!

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      Smile another wannabe migrant!

      Hello everyone!

      I thought I'd introduce myself and my family having lurked for months and months. By the way I do really enjoy reading all your posts both the positive and the negative as such. It really puts things into perspective!

      I'm Julie( half english and half italian), driving instructor, my other half Marco (italian) postman and our son Jamie 12 months (3 quarters italian hehe) , oh yes lets not forget my mum Jan! We live in Surrey uk.

      So what's our story??

      My mum has a brother in Glenelg (she only found out about him in 2004 as she was adopted as a baby) and that's where the story began.... we absolutely fell in love with Adelaide, and since been back 5 times to visit and also go further a field like Sydney, Melbourne (had to do the Neighbours tour! hee). And this was before Jamie.

      I suppose ours is a dream as realistically we do not have the skills to enter, but we are willing to retrain or find a way, anyway to get in! Winning the lottery comes to mind as we would also need a retirement visa for my mum! But you never know we may get there. We have been applying for all kind of jobs so fingers crossed.

      I know it is a very big decision and there are ups and downs but if we don't try we will never know!

      We are going to the London Expo on 18th July so hopefully will get a few pointers there. Has anyone been to one of these before?

      Anyhow, Hi everyone and hope to get to know you!


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      Good luck with the dream. We never thought we had a chance of getting in and its been a real hard slog,but now we have state sponsership and our visas lodged,now just waiting,waiting and waiting. If theirs a will theirs a way,just takes hard work. All the best.
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      Excellent! fingers crossed news comes your way quickly! I'm very hopeful for the time being hehe! We are looking at all the options, state sponsorship being the main one I suppose. Hopefully see you on the other side!



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