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    Thread: stay in uk or go to Adelaide??

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      It took my O/H 8 years to convince me into the move, it was only after having a conversation with an Uncle of mine (who in his early 50s and could no longer get a visa) told me he wanted to go to Oz but finally made the decision not too, and had regretted it ever since that made me realise I HAD to give it a go. At that stage I knew if we didn't try for a visa that year we would not have qualified because of age. I then became more afraid of living to regret it than going for it. So we did and are here 19 months now....do I regret it?....NO
      It has been very hard and at some points I have wished I had never come but we originally came on a temp visa and when you have kids that is very hard, we now have PR and financially life is a bit easier.
      Between applying for a visa and getting it our house in Northern Ireland dropped 110,000 pounds and the exchange rate dropped too so we came here with $310,000 less than we thought we would We expected to come out here mortgage free but have ended up with the same mortgage as we had in Ireland...am I sorry I came... NO
      I didn't work back home but here am working in a warehouse packing up car parts 5 days a week and to be honest I HATE it and would give anything to get another job..am I sorry I came?...again NO
      The last 19 months have honestly been the most trying, hard working, financially draining times of my life but the family time, friends I have made and fun we have had makes it worthwhile. I its far from easy and somedays I want to pack it all in and head back to the safety of my old life but I honestly believe that I have more quality time here with my husband and kids.....
      Why not give it a go, it may be fincancially draining if it doesn't work but its not the end of the world but you may end up regretting it forever if you don't ....just like my uncle!!!!

      BTW I don't fall into the 'love it' or 'hate it' brigade, I am still in two minds but I am very glad I am trying it out.
      Good luck

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      100% go for it!!!
      England will still be there if you want to go back, but I cant imagine why you would!
      Adelaide, and SA, are fabulous! A much better lifestyle for you and your family!
      Jess x
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      We arrived on 1st feb this year,so still newies!
      We have 2 children 6yrs and 4 yrs,we arrived with a work sponsor {my husband** He works in Port Adelaide and has an hours drive to work as we live in Aldinga Beach~most Australians think were mental living so far from his job,but it isn't like the UK sat stationary,the traffic flows and the whole hour is spent actually driving.We chose Aldinga Beach as we have views of the foot hills and are also close to beautiful beaches.
      My eldest daughter goes to Galilee catholic school and loves it,we are not religious,chose this school as we believe it is the best around and of a similar standard to the school she attended in the uk.
      Our younger daughter goes to the local kinde which is a wonderful environment with a great outdoor space.
      I struggled for a long time in making a decision to up and leave the uk and had many tearful sleepless nights thinking about what i was leaving behind!! It is the hardest decision you will ever make and by no means easy but we are only here once,this life is not a rehearsal and i felt if i didn't give it a go i would wake up one day regretting that choice!
      We are all very different and it is like being on an emotional roller coaster,i miss my mum,dad and sister daily but look at my daughters smiling faces and a look at the surroundings makes me feel better.
      I don't envy your anguish and really do know what you're going through.
      Have you been granted visas? subclass 119 is the way to go,which is through an employer sponsor as this gives you permanent residency allowing you to receive equivillant of child tax benefit etc,allows you also to purchase property straight away..i don't know your position but obviously financial strain on top of all the other emotions you will go through doesn't help!!
      Please feel free to contact me if you want any help and i will try my best to help you,but don't feel you need to live near work as it's not all about work! I don't recommend you live somewhere isolated as it is hard sometimes being alone with the children.
      Take care and good luck
      Kindest Regards
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      If you have a job organised in advance, you will be ok and secured. You can come here for a year to see what it's like and then decide what to do next.. If you don't like it you can return back to UK and if you like it you can stay:-) But if you have important commitments and financial tights in UK, I would stay in the UK, because it is not easy in Adelaide to start over and takes sometimes couple of years to find right work.. That would be my advice:-) I wish you best of luck!:-)
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      Thanks clare, we will be going on a 457 visa, (not applied for as yet) but once we settle into the job, lifestyle, they will sponsor us for permanent residency - they said lots of people drop out of going to OZ!!
      Thanks Anna

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      Hi anna

      we have been in adelaide since end of nov last year we lived in worcs and then the wirral and have never been city people we were heading to burley heads in the gold coast (I was offered a job there) but a last min job offer for my husband in adelaide bought us here (we had only spent a week in adelaide (much longer else where in oz)

      We had a brill summer and the winter not to shabby either been 15deg out this week its the winter school hols and have had days out with kids jumper weather coat not needed last august in the uk we had no days out as rained none stop!!

      I got a job very easily (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) and have enjoyed ajusting to life down under we were game to give adelaide a go and if we didn't like it move inter-state as Aus is a huge country and bound to be a bit of it I would like!!!!! but have been happy with adelaide so far it is more like a town than a city not too scary we will be looking to buy ia house n the west lakes / seaton area soon as like the western suburbs as easy trip to work for both of us

      good luck Deb x


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