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    Thread: Fingers crossed

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      Fingers crossed

      Hi everyone

      Well that's it. After weeks of stressing me out and doing naff all around the house, hubby has finally posted off his application to join the South Australian police. We just have to wait and see now if they like the look of him and are interested enough to invite him for a personality test and whatever else it takes. If he gets accepted we'll know on June 1st and may have to be on our way for a training course starting in September. No waiting around.
      Now that we've made the decision that we want to move to Adelaide, I can't imagine it not happening and having to stay in dear old bligty. Hubby has even got the 20 month old saying "G'day cobber" in preparation (talk about stereotyping). Is there anybody else on the forum who is applying or whose partner is applying for SAPOL?


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      Hi Cheryl

      Well done on OH getting his application in and fingers crossed you get your new life in Adelaide :lol:



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