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    Thread: Tra application

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      Just checked it again and it was sucsessful, whoooo!!!!

      Thanks for all your support!! We are now 1 step closer to our dream!!!


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      When did you send it in? We're still waiting......

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      They recieved our TRA application on 07/06/2010 (i think we sent it a week before they actually recieved it) and got successful answer today 14/07/2010!!!
      So we actually waited 27 working days. (It felt a lot longer than that!!! Wait til im waiting for our visa's to come through, im gonna be a wreck, lol)

      How long have you been waiting??? Too long???

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      We send it in a week later. 7 more days to go!!

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      that should fly by, keep yourself busy for a week!!!

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      Holiday in France with two kids, that will work!

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      That sounds nice!
      We have just come back from a 2 week break in menorca with the kids, to pass the time!!
      So when are you planning on going to oz then??? if you dont mind me asking??

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      After the TRA, sponsorship en visa applications and when we sell our house...
      So..... next year july??

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      Got it all planned out!!

      We are hoping sometime this year!!! My OH has a job to start jan 2011
      Agent seems to think so anyway, fingers crossed!!!

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      A job offer, that is a blessing!!


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