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    Thread: Tra application

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      we have been quite lucky really, from when we actually decided to emigrate in feb (this year). Fingers crossed everything else is as easy as it has been!!

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      That's great! We also dicided to go in February.;)
      But no job offers for this plasterer.
      We wait with patience.

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      My OH is a gasfitter!! He works for british gas here.
      We couldnt believe it when we got the offer and for more money too!

      So where are you from??

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      We're from the Netherlands

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      We are from peterborough!!
      Do you have any idea where you want to be in adelaide?? We dont, any ideas??

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      We want to talk to schools and then choose an area.
      But we fear for the new "state migration plans"
      We don't think plasterer will be on there.
      If not, we'll go to Melbourne.

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      that sounds like a good idea, (choose school then house).

      Best of luck to you, i'm sure you'll get to oz someway or another

      Take care


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      Thanks! You too!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Scrappin' Julie View Post
      Yep - TRA takes forever...if you have an agent then keep at them for updates - mine was bloody slack. Then PLEASE make sure that you know if you will still need a licence to work at your profession once you arrive. (My husband was a qualified floor finisher - passed TRA with flying colours only to find once we got here it meant nothing and he had to go to college to get his licence! 10 months later he was finally in a position to be employed)

      Good luck.
      Your TRA notification does state this though, so should not be a total surprise.
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      Back from our holiday and..... TRA successful!!!


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