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    Thread: A dream away

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      A dream away

      Hi all my names Carl, me my wife Amanda and two children Taylor age 11 and Reece 15 are currently waiting for our visa to be processed been in since November,it feels like we have been forgotten about as im not the most patient of people.Will be moving to Adelaide and living with wifes sister and family in Banksia park until we get things sorted. I currently work for the RAC up here in sunny Cramlington Northumberland. This summer has been pretty good up till now but I bet its no patch on Adelaide. Ive been trying to find out about average wages of Mechanics as advertised vacencies just say good rates of pay. Also anyone know what the RAA are like as an employer.??????.
      Thanks for reading, Carlos.

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      Hi welcome to PIA - just remember, in the immortal words of the Heinz Tomato Ketchup ad "the best things come to those that wait"!!
      Any questions, fire away - I have a 15 yr old and a 13 yr old, so have every sympathy/empathy for/with you!! Although regrettably can't help with the pay question...I'm sure someone will be along that can though...
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