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      Hiya everyone advice needed :)

      Hiya everyone we are still new to this forum and loving it! Love the way we can ask our worries away getting true answers. Thanks everyone
      My partner and I are in the process of moving our family (we have 3 kids 5, 3 & 1) out to Adelaide.
      My partner is in the process of being assessed via Australian Skills Assessment to gain his AQFIII so we can submit our application to the TRA.
      Has anyone else been through this assessment for an AQFIII? Will this benefit him in finding work?
      Iím also abit worried about the visa situation. We are looking at coming out on a 175. Will we have to wait forever to gain this?
      Thanks everyone speak soon ;)

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      generally to have your skills assessed for a 175 visa it will take approx 2 months as long as all info needed is provided but please note and it does state on documentation this is only a skills assessment for a visa and does not make finding work easy or allow you a lcence to work!!! presuming its a tradie your being assessed for most trades need a licence and a short tafe course is needed to get the licence!



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