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    Thread: Arriving soon!!

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      Arriving soon!!

      Hi everyone from the Lord family - Simon, Liz, Jennifer (7) and Gregory (5).

      We've been reading the posts on the site avidly for the last few months, but it felt a bit like tempting fate to post anything before now.... But we seem to be on our way, so here goes!

      Simon was offered a job in Adelaide in May and we applied for e457 visas at the beginning of June. Although originally from England, we are living in Glasgow, and under the Scottish system sold our house in about a week. We have to move out in a couple of days and Pickfords arrived to start packing yesterday - but still no visas! I was thinking about inspecting the local bus shelters, but today the visas arrived!!!! So flights are booked and we should be arriving in Adelaide in a couple of weeks.

      We're really excited about living in Adelaide and a bit nervous about everything too. Unlike in Glasgow, I won't be working for a while, so it will be a real change of lifestyle for us, hopefully for the better. We'll be looking for a rental property when we arrive, but would really appreciate being able to meet up with any folk who might have time for a coffee and a chat.

      Hope to meet some of you soon


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      The Dimmocks
      Welcome to PIA. We used pickfords to ship our stuff and it all arrived safe and sound the day they said it would.

      Do you know where you will be looking for a rental?

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      Hi, all sounds great! we would love to meet up when you arrive, pm me , were in happy valley

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      Thanks for the replies. We'll be staying in Frewville for 3 weeks on arrival, and not knowing Adelaide, we'd like to have a good look around and stay open minded about where we rent. Our priorities are really school, a nice community with shops, cafes etc and some decent transport links. OH will be working in the CBD and I'd like if possible not to have to rely on the car all the time. So any suggestions gratefully received! Thanks again.
      Liz x



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