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      This is an old thread, but a good one.
      Raises good issues.
      If your worried about the move this is good, it means your thinking, thinking it through. So many just see the sunshine.
      For others with small Children don't worry too much, they adapt so much quicker than we will. I guess early to mid teens provides obsticles, but the young ones are fine.
      SKYPE makes the world such a small place, and is getting even more popular. When we first used it there would be 12 million on it, now it easily gets to 19 million and i think it topped 20 million the other week.

      Because this is an old thread, the price of things have changed, the exchange rate is Dire. And the house prices have gone through the roof over here.

      It's a better life for us over here.

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      were heading over this time next year too and our son is 9 months now, sure well be fine and look forward to meeting up!


      Quote Originally Posted by oz4us? View Post
      Hello everyone!
      We have been thinking of moving to oz, particularly Adelaide, for over a year now. I am quite keen on the idea but at the same the thought of actually moving makes me feel a quite sick.
      My other half is desperate to leave, he hates the place we live, (it's a wee village full of idiots) and to be honest we don't really have anything keeping us here other than family & friends. Obviously I would miss everyone loads but i think I could cope!
      Kevin is a bricklayer to trade and started out on his own this year, his business is going really well here but he is just itching to do this while we're still young enough.
      I'm sure he would get a job easily aswell.
      My biggest issue with going is that we have 2 little girls aged 3 and 9months just now,(if we're going to do this we want to be in oz by the end of next year)
      i'm worried how the move will affect them, and about their schooling etc, i'm worried about them missing their grannies who they see all the time. I get quite emotional when I think about packing up all their toys and things...it's so silly!
      Has anyone else moved with young kids, how did they cope? & is Adelaide a good family place?

      Any advice would be nice.

      Nikki xxxx

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