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      Once visa has arrived


      I wondered has anyone used the On Arrival Public Accomodation or did you all sort out your own & if anyone used the SA meet & greet service & how good these services are.

      Also where did everyone start there search for what area they wanted to settle, I have to say when we went out I liked it all, & on the internet it all looks great, i'm concerned about this I suppose because our son Louie is at school so I dont want to disrupt his schooling any more than necessary.

      Thanks for any advice comments, I'm very new to site & just finding my way around I think the first time i used site I responded to my own Q!! Silly me.

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      Hi Michele
      We did apply for the OAA but did not get it as they were full at the time we arrived. We booked into a caravan park which gave us a base to go from. We did get the Meet & Greet service which was well worth having.

      They collected us from the airport and got us to our accommodation, took us to local shops, went through paperwork we needed to do and gave us a UBD (street map of adelaide) which was invaluable ;)

      We had chosen a lot of areas online but most were ruled out for one reason or another when we arrived. In the end we just drove around until we found a rental in an area that had everything we need :v_SPIN:

      Just have a good look round when you arrive and visit the areas you like that are within your budge and narrow it down from there. You have a while to get your son into school so there is no major rush in getting him settled

      I am sure you will get plenty more answers to help you out



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