Hi everyone

I think I'm one of many on this site desperate to get out of the UK/Ireland and head down under! I spent 2 years in Adelaide on a WHV and fell in love with the place. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get my PR then and stay!

Anyway, hoping to get back out as soon as possible and trying to decide on the best way. I am (im)patiently awaiting the release of the SMP to see if SS is a potential route but also looking at trying to secure sponsorship before I go or possibly going out on a student visa, doing a cheap TAFE course and trying to get residency or sponsorship while there. I have a mate who went out on a Tourist Visa and successfully managed to score a job and a visa once there - I'm not sure I'm that brave though!!

If anyone has any advice/opinions, I'd be delighted to hear from you.