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      Dogs in adelaide

      hi all ,
      we are landing in adelaide on the 19th jan and we are hoping to bring our dog with us (costing a fortune)

      could anyone let me know if they have also brought their dog and if so how is it coping and if adelaide is a dog friendly place ?


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      Hi Sion

      We have just come over a month ago and brought our 2 dogs with us - yes it does cost a small fortune, but well worth it.
      They coped with everything really well and we were quite surprised as the younger one is usually quite shy. They were both nervous when it was time to go into their crates at the airport and I did feel very guilty as we left them. We visited them at quarantine 2 days later and they seemed fine, they were very glad to see us but you would never have guessed that they had just been on a 24hr flight acouple of days before !
      We have just collected them from quarantine on Sat and they have been well looked after - full of energy as they've not had much exercise, but we did expect that. We are just glad to have them back and have already enjoyed time on the beach.
      Obviously I don't know much about if the area is dog friendly as haven't had much time to find out, but on the travelling side I really wouldn't worry as dogs seem to just take everything in their stride.

      Best of luck

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      cheers kerry
      did you use an agent to send the dogs or did you organise it yourself?
      also were the dogs in quarantine in melbourne?
      sorry to ask so many questions but my head is spinning with everything at the moment

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      I think you have to use an agent, as the airlines won't deal with individuals direct ( but don't quote me on this ) We used jets 4 pets and found them to be very good, I rang them many times to ask questions and they put my mind at ease. They book the quarantine and organise all the paperwork including the vets procedures. If you are taking your dog yourself to the airport just check on the exact procedure and what paperwork is to be handed in and what is to keep, as they aren't very helpful at the desk when you get there.
      The nearest quarantine is Melbourne - an 8hr drive each way ! so you can't just pop and see them all the time.We drove and picked our dogs up ourselves, but you can have them delivered ( at a cost ) You organise this once you are in Australia, the quarantine give you a list of companies.
      One bit of advice is to book the dogs import as soon as poss, as the quarantine station does get busy and when there full the next one is Sydney !

      Any other quieries jusk ask- I'm happy help


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