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      hi another newbie

      Hi all,

      I have been lurking about in the background since I found this wonderful site and can I just say you have helped convince us to take the plunge!!

      DH and I are both mental health nurses and were offered jobs in June this year in Adelaide. Unfortunately this coincided with my working world collapsing around me as well as discovering I was pregnant with baby no 2. As you can imagine this caused several rethinks and lots of confusion. We have been very lucky that the agency hired to hire us have been understanding about the mixed messages we have given them particularly after I explained what had happened to me at work (harrassment, bribery and blackmail) and as the financial aspect of it has been resolved we can now return to our plans to emigrate!!

      Don't need too much advice (as yet) since we still have to sit our ielts (any help greatly appreciated) and I have the imminent birth of our second child to get to grips with. DD will be 4 when we hope to come over (around sept/oct 11) so will no doubt be asking plenty nearer the time about schools and the like as I will have to make the decision about whether to start her at school here in August 11 or just wait until she turns 5 in Oz.....hey ho.

      Thanks for reading and keep up the good work persuading us that there is a better life for us in Adelaide!! (not too difficult when the present temp is -1 !!)


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      Hiya and welcome :)

      Good luck with baby arriving soon :) Sounds like things have been far from pleasant for you in recent times re work but good you can now look to your plans to move over to Aus.

      Re your daughter starting school in the UK in September 2011, if you are moving over around then I'd personally suggest not worrying about it and just waiting till you settle in Aus and she is 5 and starts there. Its only a month or two she'd be in school for before leaving and then not going back for a while longer (summer hols over the Xmas break in Aus also and schools don't start till early Feb iirc). I'd not give her too many new things only to yank her out from it all soon after while in the final stages of emigrating. Keep life simple and routine.

      We plan to be moving back over when our son is close to school age and if its only a matter of 6 months or so then we won't be starting him at school here at 4 but waiting till we are in Adelaide and he turns 5. I personally think 4 is too young for little ones to be in school proper and so am really looking forward to him being able to start properly a bit later when he is 5.

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      Hi, Welcome to the site. Sounds like you've really been through it with your job. Hope things are looking up for you now you've made the decision to move to Aus. Good luck with the baby and the IELTS! Fortunately we never had to sit them.

      Steve 35, Julie 29, Lucy 9, Jessica 6 and Ben 3



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