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    Thread: Need to talk

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      Quote Originally Posted by sarahsmartiepants View Post
      Hi carol
      ..my mum is sad that we have left, but I have sooooo much respect for the way she has handled it, not saying dont go etc etc, chatting to me normally on the phone, (she is not good with comps) flying out for a month on her own (she is in her 70s). Unlike some other members of my family, who seem "Off" with me for want of a better word, which makes comunicating difficult!
      Hello Sarah

      Thanks for replying. Boy, did you touch a nerve? You certainly made me sit up and take notice. I managed to be supportive till they went and never actually said don't go. But I can't talk to my daughter on the phone and I know she wants to talk to me, so my support has flown out the window. I think I fall into your category of "off" people. I need to think about that. I would like to think my daughter could respect me
      for the way I have handled this difficult situation. At the moment I doubt that she could.

      I am so glad I posted this query. The answers I have received have already helped me.

      Hello Donna

      Thanks for your reply, your parents sound wonderful.

      I have replied to your pm, thank you so much.

      Hello Sharon

      Thanks for your Mum's email address.

      She sounds great, I look forward to communicating with her.

      Quote Originally Posted by The Monaghans View Post
      Hi Carol, I have to say I got quite choked reading your post. I have left my mum in England and brought her only two grandchildren to the other side of the world. She is a widow and I have no brothers or sisters so she is now completely on her own. She is very shy and finds it difficult to make friends. She told me that she understood why we were leaving for Australia but she broke down and cried on the day that our visas came through. I hope she will find the courage to come and visit us but I'm afraid that she will be put off by the thought of flying so far by herself. I will certainly mention you to her tomorrow when I call her and I hope she will contact you. I think we all know how hard it is for the people that we've left behind, reading your post confirms all our fears. I truly hope some of the replies have brought you some comfort. Take care.
      I am so sorry if I upset you, I certainly didn't mean to.

      As I said in my original post, I think you are all so brave. I don't want to add to anyones worries about leaving the UK. The goodbyes are hard for everyone. I truly believed it was easier for my daughter as she had her new life to look forward to and all I had was a big gap in my life. But having read all these responses from such caring people I am starting to realiise how selfish I am being. I need to put my sorrow aside and help my daughter.

      Thank you

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      Hi Carol
      I hope I didnt upset you too much. You have to get past that feeling of not being able to talk to her. Tell her why you couldnt for a while, she will understand. you dont sound selfish to me Carol, being hurt by this sort of thing is so normal, you need to put your sorrow aside so you can help each other.

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      Hi Carol
      I just wanted to add to what Sarah said I dont think you are being selfish either. Emigrating is hard for people on both sides of the fence and I think you are right that as hard as it was for your daughter she had new things to think about and do but youwill quite natrualy be focusing on your loss. If I was your daughter reading this I would feel very proud that I had such an articulate caring mother as you. I hope that you will be able to re open comunications with her soon.


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