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    Thread: City or subrubs?

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      Talking City or subrubs?

      Dear PIA friends,
      Where shall I look for apartment/flat? Is it a good idea to live in the city area? Is it strategic for job, hospital, school etc.I dont have car etc!
      Please suggest options.Thanks

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      Where you live is going to greatly depend on where you work and what you can afford. If you don't have a car, then you'll want to be within cycling distance, or on a direct bus-route from your work.
      Bus routes and timetables can be found on the adelaide metro website. If you google it, should be the first hit.
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      It also depends on what you want, whether you have small or older children, busy city life or quiet suburbia, beach or hills, the options are endless, as Rock Dr says, you need to have a good think about where you will be working, epsecially with no car. Aldinga for example is a long way from anywhere if you have no car, but I think it is by far my favourite suburb (i'm bias though cos I live there). Research,research,research thats all I can say!
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      It also depends on what you are used to, Botanica. If you are used to living in a small city apartment then maybe that is the way to go until you are sure where you will be working and have some independent transport. A luxury city centre apartment will set you back a lot of money but there are many not so luxurious ones to choose from. As everyone else is saying, you need to decide what your priorities are, what your budget is, and what the other members of your family will find comfortable or convenient. If you have children and still want to live in the city, there are schools that are accessible (such as Gilles Street Primary), but whether they will have places is something else you have to think about and research. If you are thinking of moving outside the city, then you have so many more decisions to make and you can't do it in a hurry and on the recommendations of others who don't know you. You need to get into some short term furnished accommodation and spend some time having a good look around before deciding. That way you will also find out which suburbs are easy to get to by pubic transport. You can do some research by going onto www.realestate.com.au and putting some limiting factors such as number of bedrooms, maximum weekly rent etc then looking at what you could get for your money. Remember that properties that look cheap by comparison with others are cheap for a reason!
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