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    Thread: Hi gang!! The journey begins..

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      Hi gang!! The journey begins..

      Another newbie here!! We are beginning the process to try and move over. I am a mental health nurse, my wife works with dementia at management level. We have 10 month old twin girls and a 4 year old girl. Money seems to be the main thing that is holding us back, so any notes on relocation cost will be gratefully received.

      I think overall the whole process seems very daunting and we are not sure where to start! I am keen that we sort it out ourselves but it seems that paying a migration agent is a wise choice, not sure what anyone thinks?

      Anyway, any feedback from nurses who have moved/are inthe process of moving is gratefully received and we look forward to talking with some of you soon

      OZ here we come!!!

      P.S. doing a recce in february to see what we think etc......so fingers crossed that all the kids are ok on the plane??

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      Just so as not to re-invent the wheel (for want of a better phrase) I'd suggest you searched the previous forums using the keywords "nursing/mental health/nursing visa/sponsored visa". People may repsond top your post but this will give you some info to start with. I came here on a sponsored visa, feel free to check out some of my posts through my name, you should be able to find out about at least the restrictions of my visa etc.

      Hope this helps, althogh I had my fingers burnt!!!! But don't let me put you off.

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      I am also a mental health nurse looking to go out to Adelaide next year. As a nurse it is quite straightforward to do everything yourself and save the money an agent would cost you.
      It helps to decide who the main applicant will be, what type of visa you will go on (this could be dependent on your ages), and what our time scale is.
      The whole process requires patience and alot of gathering documents etc. Check out AHPRA, regarding nurse registration and ANMC for the skills assessment (you need this for the 176 and 175). If you don't already have your transcript of training from your Nursing College, you need to contact them, pay a fee (35 I think) and wait for them to send it to you.
      There are also some excellent posts on Poms in Oz.
      We visited Adelaide in March and it was Beautiful!! I have a job lined up alrerady, thanks to O' Grady Peyton but am pursuing the 176 myself as I feel it offers more security for a family as a permanent resident.
      All the best!
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