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      Wink greetings all from Washington State

      Howdy folks!

      I'm new on this site and haven't properly introduced myself. My names Nina and I'm an American whose dreaming of living in Oz! So I just started looking into it and I plan on asking lots of stupid questions of ya'll! Hope ya dont mindWhat is this one saying anyways??? Thats my first question! I live in Washington State and have most of my life. Well its time to be somewhere warm... permanently...So heres a question, if I went as a student can I keep a visa for the whole four years, get a bachelors degree, get a job and a permant visa from that? Do you become a resident just from being there a certain amount of time or not? Where or what web sites have answers to these basic questions. THANKS for letting me join all you Brits! Is it same rules coming from U.S.? Sounds almost impossible but at least I know I can have a rip roarin great college experience there for awhile! thoughts?NINA

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      Have answered some of your questions on another thread you posted on. Best to look at the DIMA website regarding student visas or call DIMA in DC with questions to get the definitive answers though. You can't migrate as an American w/o having a skill in a shortage area, so choose your Uni course carefully if migration is your end goal.
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      Hi Nina and welcome to the forum

      Cannot personally answer your questions I'm afraid but here are a couple of links with more info -

      Student Visa info - http://www.diac.gov.au/students/index.htm
      General Links - http://www.adelaidebound.com/

      May be worth you having a chat with a migration agent as they could fill you in on the terms etc of the different visas if you are unsure.



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