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    Thread: Arrived

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      irish mike

      Talking Arrived

      Hi Guy's
      Project Adelaide is finally a go, arrived on Wed after Qantas delayed me by 30 hours (bloody Rolls Royce he he). Been into work yesterday start offically Monday looking forward to it. Staying in Mawson Lakes for now, my wife and little one arrive on the 27th Nov, rental hunting begin's in earnest.
      Was out last night with some new aussie friends, had a great time, loving it so far.
      Off now to sign up with medicare etc, fun fun.
      Cheers for now,
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      Hi Irish Mike,
      Welcome....! We've only been here 2 weeks and loving it too. Lack of jobs for us is a bit worrying but we'll get there.
      Renting is quite competitive, you have to come up with something a bit special for the landlords as they personally choose who they think will be best suited after you have sent them all the information they need about you... very different from UK, landlords take any old bugger...!
      I have a 2 year old daughter so when your wife gets here let her know I'm about and would love to meet up. I'm sure I will have found my feet by then and be able to show her the ropes...!
      Are you from Jersey (even though your name is Irish Mike...!) thought I saw Jersey somewhere?

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      irish mike
      Hi Sheena;
      I am orginally from Ireland but have lived in Jersey for the last 12 years, my wife is orginally from Thailand but has lived in Jersey for the last 24 years, as you can tell quiet a mixed bag. Thanks for the info regarding renting, that is something we will have to get to grips with when Noon arrives. Hope the job thing gets better for you guys soon.
      Take care,

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      Welcome to Adelaide

      Hi Mike,

      Another Irish Mike here. Family and I living here 15 months. Live in Payneham, NE Adelaide. Working in the Barossa. Let me know if we can help. Best of luck. It's a good place.




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