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    Thread: We are still here 3 years on

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      It really will all slot in in the end, good luck and if I can b a friend just nod. xxx

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      Quote Originally Posted by laura girling View Post
      Heyya all,

      To anyone who may or may not remember us I hope this helps you.

      Three years on, what a wonderful life we are living, the kids are all happy loving and doing so well in their schools, we live on the port river and watch dolphins swimming everyday, the beach is just down the road.
      We both have good jobs, settled, happy and never ever going back to England to live.
      Now look at my post

      Weve had enough, going home!

      What I guess Im trying to say is it takes time to settle, it isnt easy its blinking hard work, stresful (not for everyone) but for us it was.
      If you give things enough time and want it badley enough, it is worth the effort to keep going.
      I am so glad that I didnt sell my car thanks to Rob and Claire for that, and I am so glad I didnt rent the house back.
      Fate kind of stood in the way and I know now it was for a reason, i am prob the happiest Pom in Adelaide and thank you Australia for having us in your most amazing country.

      Thanks also for reading this post,

      Laura xxx
      aargh thats lovely, i hope to be writing something like that soon???? good luck and happiness to you all x


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