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      Hi to everyone

      Hi we arrived in Adelaide on 14 October 2010 and have been lucky enough to sort out a job for my hubby and a long term rental in Aldinga that we move into on Friday !! My 2 daughters are Lola aged 5 and Phoebe aged 4 and they have settled really well. My other daughters are Rebecca 22 and Clare nearly 18 and they are in the UK but hoping to be out next year.

      I still can't believe we have actually done it and moved here and I am so glad we persevered through all those frustrating times of form filling and nail biting to reach the end. LIve is good at the minute and I hope it continues to be :daydreaming:

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      The Dimmocks
      Hi and welcome to PIA and Adelaide. Good to here you settling in well.


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      welcome to Adelaide, we are just up the road in Seaford if you need anything or want to meet for a playdate

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      Glad its worked out so well for you, its well worth the form filling isnt it!!!

      Good luck in your new home


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      Hi we are in Aldinga and have 2 little girls who are almost 4 and 5! Give us a shout once you settle in and we'll get you round for a brew/playdate
      Julia, Rich, Carys and Lizzie xxx

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      That sounds a good plan. I will chat to you next week when hopefully we will be sorted out after house move. ( I should be packing now but can't seem to break away from laptop ;-) much more fun !!

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      Thank you and yes it is worth it ...amazing how quick you forget all the stress when u here :-)

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      Hi that sounds great ...talk to u soon


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