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      Cool Stuart's and others! Where are you?

      My name is Charles Graham MacLeod-Stuart. Born in the UK, lived in Ireland, America and now Canada.
      I am the third son of Major Ian Graham MacLeod-Stuart (Black Watch) B 1911. D 1970, who was the only son of Rev. Captain Archibald Graham Stuart (Black Watch, Presbyterian Minister, Ardler, Perthshire and Govan, Glasgow) B circa 1872. D 1932. "Archie" was one of four son's born to *John Stewart/Stuart and Johana MacLeod.

      Those who left for Australia were Stuart/Stewart (from my grandfathers side) but could have later been joined by MacLeod's (from his mothers side)!!!

      Here are the Stuart siblings of my grandfather:
      Alexander B. 1860
      Catherine B. 1863
      Mary B. 1864
      Donald B 1869 D. 1903
      John B.1871
      Agnes B. 1874

      From family records held by my eldest brother John Graham MacLeod-Stuart, our family origins emanate from Campbelltown, Argyle and later in Govan, Lanarkshire and Ardler, Perthshire.

      John has letters from our family in Cobber Pedy, dating back to the late 1800's who were among the first to settle there and I believe their ancestors may still be there today, but we have never been able to find them! The mountain area called Stuart Range or Stuart Bluff is supposedly named after the first Stuart's who settled there.

      Also my aunt Anne Bruce MacKenzie (nee Stuart) moved to Australia with her son Arther John Heatherington who was also a minister (I believe he ran for Australia in the Commonwealth Games back in the 30's or 40's). Perhaps you know someone with that family name, who may also be a cousin!

      Any help you could give me would be highly appreciated.



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      Here is a picture of my Granfather, Archibald Graham Stuart.

      Perhaps you will see a family likeness!

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