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      Hello guys

      We are very new to the forum having stumbled across it whilst looking for some info on Adelaide, just wanted to say hello and that the threads have been very useful. Seems a lot of the questions we had are being asked by others.

      After 18 months (yes that is really 18 months) we have received our visa and have our house on the market.

      We have no idea about where to live, have no jobs lined up and have never even been further east than Peterhead but are looking forward to a great adventure.

      As you will see we have 4 kids so need to find out about schools and nice family places to live.

      No doubt we will have hundreds of questions still to ask but just wanted to say hi just now.

      I suppose the most pressing questions are

      1. Is it fairly easy to rent? (no idea where to look)
      2. Is it fairly easy to get a job? (not too fussed about any particular area to begin with)
      3. Is Adelaide really as nice as the books suggest?

      Look forward to getting to know you over the next few months as we make plans for the big move.

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      Hi guys,

      welcome to PIA, here is a couple of websites to help get you going for jobs and rentals.

      Hope it helps.


      Good luck.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Hello and welcome to PIA! It's a friendly site and if one of us can't answer a question then somebody else probably will! As for your first two questions, well I suppose it depends. We bought as soon as we got here, we didn't want to rent but from what I remember, it's best if you register with as many real estate agents as possible and ask them to email or sms you as soon as a possible rental comes on. The ones you see in the paper tend to have gone already. Also, try and get some references if you have rented before, they like to know you're a good tenant. Workwise, again it depends on what you do for a living, there is plenty of work here in the right sectors but if you're a specialist in your field it might be a bit harder. Adelaide itself it partly lovely, partly vile! We were in the city only today and saw parts that we hadn't seen before (we've only been here 3 months ourselves) and it was fabulous, especially round Rundle mall, but there are some suburbs (I'm certainly not naming them on site...) where you wouldn't want to be out during the day let alone at night. Sorry, that wasn't overly helpful was it? But at least we've introduced ourselves and I'm sure someone will answer you properly soon! Good luck!
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      :DHi guys welcome to PIA loads of great info here and a great bunch.......Liz & Rich that was very diplomatic hope all is going ok. Cheers Graham

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      Liz has said things quite well.

      We had OAA when we arrived so finding a possibly long term rental was important. We were advised to pay about 3 months rent up front to offset the fact that we had no Australian credit history that could be checked.

      Viewings are conducted here, advertised with almost no notice in the paper and are exact in their timings which caused us a few headaches when we missed one because we arrived just as it was finishing. I found it a bit odd looking around a house etc with other people. I refused to apply for one house because it had a little play house in the back garden and the family had a couple of toddlers who were playing on it while they filled in their application. I thought that the house was better for them although we were trying to leave OAA.

      Rentals move quick here and many of the houses that appear on the realestate websites have been sold before they ever appear. It is almost a case of 'see what we have got' exercise by the estate agents. I am still getting emails from 2 estate agents who send me details of their new houses.

      We have been here 7 months now so things get moving quite quickly once you have it sorted where you are going. Adelaide is good for families, I think, with a less city feel for the most part.

      Good luck


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      Welcome to the site. Glad you stumbled over us.

      18 months What visa have you got? Is it gold plated?

      We have 4 children migrating with us too. All ours though I think are younger. Really looking forward to the flight.

      What line of work are you in? Are you looking for a job before you go? See we can ask questions too.

      I've been further east than you as I've been to St Petersburg and Moscow but never been further south than Ibiza.

      Have a gander at Lisa's http://www.adelaidebound.com/ Its full of useful links and stuff all about Adelaide.


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      Hi and welcome to PIA I think all the previous replies have covered your questions well so not much I can add really. We were very very lucky and due to being in the right place at the right time got a great rental within 6 days of landing without any major headaches although don't think this is the norm :v_SPIN:

      There does seem to be plenty of work about in the papers each week and everyone we know found work fairly quickly so if you are happy enough to jump in anywhere don't think you will have much of a problem getting started. Good luck with it all


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      Hello Unch&Dougs!!

      Welcome to the site and congrats on the visa. As mentioned before have a good look at adelaidebound site its full of useful info, I so wish it had been going when we were in the visa process!
      Good luck with the organising and hope to see you some time in Adelaide!!!

      Judi x

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      Hello and welcome to the site
      The best bit of advice we had, was to hit the ground running. Rentals are easy to come by if you put the work in, work is the same, and yes, it really is as nice as the books show. Very difficult to get into the debate about areas to live in, but we have not seen a bad one yet.
      Ask away ....

      All the best for now

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      Thanks for all your replies - it is good to know there are others out there that can help. All advice is gratefully received.

      Alas the visa is not gold plated but is treasured as if it was. It was a long and hard road to get the visa and we hope will be worth it.

      I am a qualified solicitor but took a break when I had kids and re qualified as a speech and drama teacher running my own business teaching kids drama and adults voice coaching and presentation skills. I reckoned Adelaide would be ideal with all its drama festivals. My husband is a prosecution lawyer and is looking forward to a break (well looking after the kids) from work. I am happy to work in any area when we get there as long as it pays. Hubby may have to get some part time work probably not as a wine taster which is his hoped for profession.

      We can't make any firm plans just now as our house has not yet sold but when that happens prepare for a bombardment of questions (sorry in advance).

      Hopefully see you all out there soon


      PS on the subject of jokes my hubbies favourite is

      "What's brown and sticky?"

      "a stick"

      Oh dear


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