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      Talking trying to meet new people

      I'm 33, single and my name is Chris i have just recently moved to adelaide from the gold coast and looking for a group i can go and have a beer with, on a saturday night. I've also just moved into a new house and have a room to rent if anyone is looking.
      Inbox me if you are interested.

      Thanks look forward to hearing from you.

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      Hiya Chris. Welcome to Adelaide. Where abouts are you living? I'm always up for a beer :)

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      Hi Chris. Have only been in Adelaide 6 months myself and also keen to get out on a saturday night and grap a beer. I am in the Northern Suburbs but getting to the city shouldn't be a prob. Am sure the wife might let me out..LOL

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      Thanks for the reply, sounds good i'm flat out till christmas but we'll have to meet up in xmas holidays for a beer if you like.



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